Stuttgart/Cappeln (Cloppenburg district) – No matter whether it’s a side salad on Helgoland, Pizza Rucola in Frankfurt or a cauliflower bake in Friedrichshafen the probability that we have all eaten vegetables from Mählmann Gemüsebau at one time or another is fairly high. This is because the agricultural businesses in the Oldenburg Münsterland region are large and Wolfgang Mählmann’s is particularly large. After three years of breeding livestock with 30 pigs, 10 cows and 50 chickens, Wolfgang Mählmann stopped keeping livestock in 1984 – and since then has devoted his time to growing vegetables on a large scale.

Logistics play a central role in the business and journeys made by the vehicles on a daily basis are a key factor: the distance between the company premises and the fields to be harvested can be up to 50 kilometres which is just too far for a classic tractor. That is why the agricultural specialists opted in favour of the Unimog a long time ago. “There is no vehicle that is more suitable than the Unimog for journeys from the field to our premises or to the Langförden wholesale market near Vechta,” says Marius Vaske, head of both the workshop and fleet. Since 2008 he has been looking after the welfare of the Unimog trucks at the farm. He also affirms that the Unimog is an impressive choice in terms of speed, reliability, fuel consumption and tyre wear. “No other vehicle can serve us more efficiently.” Which is why the company recently purchased another three Unimog U 427: they are vehicles number ten, eleven and twelve.

Safety is always a high priority for the Unimog

The Unimog is equipped with innovative technology and a unique vehicle concept. Both active and passive safety meet the highest standards. The vehicle concept of the Unimog combines a short front-end dimension and a large field of vision with controlled braking characteristics and directional stability.

Short front-end dimension: this is the distance between the front edge of the mounted implement and the centre of the steering wheel. If the Unimog implement carrier is equipped with a snowplough for example and the vehicle approaches a tight junction, the driver must be able to see vehicles approaching from the side in sufficient time. Thanks to the short front-end assembly the driver can see crossing traffic in good time.

Good view: the Unimog cab is also equipped with a panoramic windscreen providing the driver with an expansive field of vision. Thanks to its short-bonnet concept, the Unimog driver has an optimal view of any front-mounted implements. The VarioPilot® dual-mode steering allows the steering wheel and all pedals to be moved rapidly from one side of the vehicle to the other. In combination with the optionally available glazed mowing door, users have an ideal view of the working implements and the near-side of the vehicle, when cutting grass verges for example. A sophisticated mirror system and camera monitors further reduce the already small blind spot of the Unimog. In winter an integrated side window heater provides for a crystal-clear view.

Controlled braking behaviour: the Unimog offers high braking safety thanks to its dual-circuit service brake system with disk brakes on all four wheels. Thanks to four-channel ABS, the Unimog remains steerable and directionally stable during a full application of the brakes. The well-balanced axle load distribution also has a positive effect on the Unimog truck’s handling. The automatic load-dependent brake (ALB) controls the brake force and brake force distribution between the front and rear axles, depending on the load. Using a heated air dryer, the braking system works reliably even when the weather is cold and damp. Permanent all-wheel drive completes the package of safety features. And if an accident should occur, the driver is protected by a three-point seat belt and an integrated head restraint.