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Project Kahn is pleased to unveil Afzal Kahn’s revamp of the Mercedes-Benz X Class.

There was a time when pick-up trucks were deemed to be uncomfortable and a bit bumpy.

Cue Kahn to produce a luxurious example of the X-Class, a combination of cool luxury and nonchalant style.

This new vehicle certainly sets itself apart from virtually everything on the road.

Recognisable as a Mercedes model, like none ever seen before, the 22” G06 wheels give the vehicle a muscular stance whilst the wheels are covered by powerful front and rear vented wide wheel arches.

The exterior enhancements are almost too numerous to list, however a front bumper vented spoiler, privacy tinted glass, front vented grille, front bumper vents and front bumper lower aero crash bar are notable additions.

Inside, the cabin is the beneficiary of premium luxury.

Front and rear seats, re-upholstered in quilted soft leather with contrast red stitching seats, signature Kahn door panels, re-upholstered in quilted soft leather, leather stitched gear selector, center arm rest, dashboard and door armrests, all re-upholstered along with embossed and branded Kahn seat studs make for the finishing touches that complete this distinguished interior.

Discreet Project Kahn branding completes the package – leaving no-one in any doubt as to the source of this elegant functional design and meticulous attention to detail, you will never look at a Mercedes-Benz X Class in the same way again.

Please be advised, this particular vehicle is available for £48,999.00, will no doubt hold its value, and is available in a choice of colours with a plethora of additional accessories available on request.


Black Addition
Front & Rear Vented Wide Wheel Arches
Front Bumper Vented Spoiler
Front Vented Grille
Front Bumper Vents
22” G06 Wheels (available in black OE)
Fully De-Chromed
Privacy Tinted Glass
Front Bumper Lower Aero Crash Bar (OE)
Front & Rear Seats Re-Upholstered in Quilted Soft Leather With Contrasting Red Stitching
Signature K Design Door Panels Re-Upholstered in Quilted Soft Leather
Leather Stitched Gear Selector
Center Arm Rest Re-Upholstered in Quilted Soft Leather
Dashboard Top Re-Upholstered in Quilted Leather
Door Arm Rests Re-Upholstered in Quilted Soft Leather
KAHN Branded And Embossed Seat Studs

The KAHN X Class Is Available In A Choice Of Colours
A Wide Range Of Additional Accessories Available On Request
The Best Value X Class In The Market And The Only One That Will Hold Its Value
A Choice Of Leather Colours Available On Request