Day-in, day-out, it is hard, immortal, and trustworthy, as the all-new Mercedes-Benz Vito appeals itself uncomplainingly to the rigors of the responsibilities.  This van knows its job and has promised a thorough renewal of the Vito van, which is now though more efficient and gentler on the environment, yet more operative and more fruitful.  Yes, it is at least for the camping lover of the US out there!

There are plenty of large, heavy automotive companies in the USA. The streets, the pizzas, and the cafes- everything is a bit bigger in the US, including the campers.  However, the tiny homes, as well as US vanlifers, have now excited in small, dynamic leisure vehicles across the pool. Mercedes-Benz now appears to take benefit of this.  And, for the first time in the US, the brand with the three-star is placing its mid-size van as a basis for camper van transformations.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito (V-Class), also known as the Metris, has been modified to satisfy the local market requirements and demand in the US.  Now, we have all new engine demote emissions and fuel consumption with an intensifying performance.  The new Mercedes pop-top camper van is recognizable by its new “face,” blending the style of the modern cars from Mercedes-Benz and is now available for sale.

Meanwhile, let’s know little but of the history of this camping van also.  Since 2015, the Vito has been entertaining the US and Canadian markets and has been popular by the name of Metris there.  For those, who are used to planning their weekend camping trips at the beginning of their weekday’s, this model is ideal for them.  Huge thanks to its compressed size, appearance, authenticity, performance, and sophisticated safety.

Overall, the very high quality camping equipment and the cutting-edge technology in the US Vito model have a slightly more robust and extensional look.  However, how about the camping extension?  Is it a perfect camping material?

Well, yes, you can rely on the Mercedes-Benz Vito since it is equipped with-

  1. Pop-up roof with sleeping area
  2. Second battery
  3. When folded into the seat configuration, the rear bench seat can be moved along a rail, providing stowage space when needed
  4. Swiveling front seats transform the camper van into a lounge in no time
  5. Multipurpose rear bench seat that extends up into a bed

Perfect no?

If you need even more camping comfort, you will find it in the equipment choices provided as well.  It includes an efficient four-cylinder petrol engine, maintenance intervals of up to 24,000 km, and a towing capacity of around 2250 kg can be mounted on the weekender to transport various sports equipment.  Safety and assistance systems, such as Attention Assist and the Eco start/stop function are also available.

Self-sufficiency is also a topic that is covered and is available for the US van lovers, where load-adaptive traction control, ESP, actively negotiates in the power transmission of the engine and thus, stabilizes the vehicle when the wheels spin. “Vanlife is extremely popular worldwide – also in its country of origin, the United States.  Increasingly, the trend is leaning back towards camper vans that are as suitable for everyday use as they are for traveling.  We are now intensifying our efforts to meet this demand in the U.S. with our compact Vito midsize van in addition to our Sprinter large van.  That is why we are partnering with manufacturers like Driverge to provide the Vito as a basic vehicle for their camper van conversions,” stated Klaus Rehkugler, Head of Sales & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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