This year, motorhomes have been experiencing a real boom. Such were the findings of the German Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD) from January to August of the ongoing year, with over 58,000 motorhomes newly approved for road use – an increase of 27.8% over the previous year. The specialists at, a brand of Heinz Hartmann GmbH headquartered in Neuss, have now unveiled a bona fide adventure van adapted from the Mercedes-Benz V-Class 300 d, with a maximum of ten specimens on sale: Not only does the robust design of the GeoTrek Edition promise to fully satisfy anyone’s hunger for freedom, but its ingenious technological features and fine-tuned details will also deliver on this pledge of autarky.

Even at first sight, the GeoTrek Edition, with its VANSPORTS VP Gravity aerodynamic kit (front, wheel housing and rear skirt attachments), makes it abundantly clear what sort of vehicle it is: Striking Raptor paintwork with embedded fibers on the front and rear skirt contrast with the design film coating with stylized topographic contours, which together unabashedly highlight the action and off-road character of the GeoTrek. These are complemented perfectly by imposing Protect 1 sidebars from VanSports as well as their matte-black coated VANSPORTS roof rack, which – on the vehicle shown – also carries a photovoltaic system, sand ladder, storage box and spare wheel next to the high-power headlights illuminating the way ahead. When it comes to the wheels, the flared fenders of the GeoTrek, which is powered by a 239 hp and 500 Nm twin-turbo diesel engine and naturally comes with a permanent 4Matic four-wheel drive, house 18” Krona off-road rims together with deep-tread General Grabber tires measuring 235/55R18, which not only provide reliable traction on any terrain but are also approved for winter use thanks to the M+S snowflake symbol.

A chassis-raising spring set developed by VanSports increases the ground clearance of the V-Class by roughly 30 millimeters, making even moderate off-road use – for example gravel roads with deep potholes or forest tracks criss-crossed by roots – a walk in the park. And should the tires go flat, skid plates protect the engine, transmission and tank from potentially damaging contact with the ground. As a result, the Geotrek is perfectly suited for the toughest expeditions in all weather conditions.

Geotrek’s fully automatic Termotronik air-conditioning with additional semi- automatic air-conditioning in the back as well as its remote-controlled warm-water stationary heating and additional warm-air stationary heating ensure comfortable temperatures on board – both in hot and cold climes. The sitting and backrest surfaces of the front seats are also heated. The vehicle’s temperature control system is supplemented by Project Camper insulation mats, which can also be used to darken the windows. The Geotrek diamond-patterned leather front seats and back bench provide for ultimate comfort over long journeys and add a touch of class to the interior.

The back bench can also be tilted back so that it lies flat, which provides the perfect base for the VANSPORTS cold-foam mattress with medium hardness, which intrepid explorers can look forward to after a long and strenuous day of adventure. The GEOTREK Edition is also equipped with state-of-the-art solutions for optimal loading space management. The highlight has got to be the “VSP Bett-Box Pure- Function” system developed by Travel luggage can be stored in two 117 cm long heavy-duty pull-outs each with a load capacity of up to 100 kg and with the look of a suitcase. These pull-outs optionally come with three non- slip aluminum loading boxes of different sizes and available in the two loading heights provided. As a result, the space under the folded-down back seat can be fully exploited and easily reached. Also available is a kitchen box, which fits in perfectly and is powered by the 12 volt on-board power supply and can be used to prepare small meals and for washing up afterwards thanks to the 12-liter storage capacity for fresh water and the same for wastewater.

The boxes are highly practical, as they are easy to remove by hand and can then be used as a table. Vanessa storage pockets have also been integrated in the rear side windows for additional storage space. The Comand Online navigation system of the V-Class flawlessly shows the driver the way and the intelligent light system with high-beam and turning assistant provides for optimal visibility in the darker months. And for even greater convenience and safety in road traffic, the vehicle also features a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitor, traffic sign assistant and driver drowsiness detection.

The parking package complete with reversing camera makes tight city parking child’s play. All GEOTREK special edition vehicles are manufactured at the headquarters in Neuss-Holzheim, and each come with a vehicle plaque with engraved vehicle number and additional optional features at the complete discretion of the customer. Even the project vehicle shown, number 01/10, is for sale: It is a V 250 d from 2017, and has clocked roughly 34,000 km – making it “well run-in” and perfectly prepared for more adventures.