Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_1 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_2 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_3 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_4 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_5 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_6 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_7 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_8 Mercedes-_Benz_S_560_by_RENNtech_9

RENNtech proudly releases their ECU+ Upgrade for the Mercedes-Benz S560. Equipped with the Mercedes-Benz M176 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine, RENNtech measured the stock performance with 484 HP and 538 LB-FT. With just the upgraded ECU software RENNtech gained up to 100 HP and 102 LB-FT over stock, bringing the maximum power output up to 584 HP and 642 LB-FT.

The Dyno graph shows that RENNtech increased the power consistently in the crucial rpm-range between 4,850 rpm – 5,800 rpm. During wide open acceleration this rpm-range is key, as the car will not fall out of this powerband after shifting. A maximized area underneath the power curve within this range leads to incredible performance.

On the streets the S560 improved its 0-60mph time from 4.74 sec to 4.25 sec, 0-100 mph from 10.85 sec to 9.14 sec and the 60-130 mph sprint from 14.05 sec to 11.01 sec. The quarter mile is now passed in 12.42 seconds @ 117mph, improved by 0.73 sec and 6 mph over stock.

Also available for the W222 – S560 Sedan are RENNtech’s BOV Adapters and Carbon Fiber Decklid Spoiler, along with their newly released forged Performance Series wheels, the RPS 10.2- available in a 21”/21” and 21”/22” configuration with over 70 color options. Additionally, the RENNtech plug’n’play Hand-Held Suspension Module allows to fully custom suspension-height adjustment within seconds, without any wiring or extensive installation.