Exclusively at SCHAWE Car Design: illuminated air vents for the G-Class Lighting inside vehicles has served more than just a functional purpose for a long time now. Indeed, interior designers have long since used it as a premium styling element: Nowadays, many car models – including many Mercedes series such as the G-Class – are already equipped with colored ambient lighting as standard or for an additional charge. This lighting provides a relaxed, lounge-like atmosphere inside the car. But for G-Class owners who do not feel that this standard customizable lighting goes far enough, the specialists at SCHAWE from Waltrop have an even more customizable solution in their range.

SCHAWE is not only your first port of call for professional OEM upgrades of almost any kind for your Mercedes, the team is also developing more and more of their own products. When deliberating how to improve the already perfect interior of the G-Class W463a, they had the idea of developing first-class additional ambient lighting.

They eventually came up with illuminated air vents, which are not offered by Mercedes themselves. The set for adding to the existing LED lighting (FR2) consists of four vents – two for the center and one for each of the sides – and is manufactured on the basis of Mercedes original parts. It is a plug-and-play system that is installed via two perfectly sized cables for powering the in-built LED

modules. It is easy to operate, just like the existing ambient lighting of the G-Class, using the COMAND online infotainment system. Not only can you select from 64 different colors, there is also an infinitely variable dimming function. These SCHAWE illuminated air vents are available for all variants of the G-Class W463a, i.e. the G 350 d, G 400 d, G 500, and the top model, the AMG G 63. You can of course have them installed directly on-site at the company headquarters in Waltrop upon request.