Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, Honourable Minister of Road Transport & Highways,
Govt. of India, rolled out the EQS 580 4MATIC from the Mercedes-Benz India plant at Chakan, Pune
EQS 580 4MATIC is Mercedes-Benz’s first ever locally manufactured EV in India, and the 14th ‘Made in India’ Mercedes-Benz model
Exemplary flexibility in production: Mercedes-Benz India now produces series cars, AMG performance cars, Maybach, and luxury EVs, all under one roof
The EQS becomes India’s longest-range EV with a range of up to 677 km (WLTP)| 857 km (ARAI certified)
New technological innovations introduced in the EQS 580 production process:
MBUX Hyperscreen Sub-Assembly, Flexible manufacturing concept for Sub-Assembly of Battery and other drive trains, Advanced Testing and Calibration for Head-up Display and Green charging Ecosystem.

• The EQS 580 4MATIC is the world’s most aerodynamic production vehicle, with a drag coefficient of 0.20. Contributes to its range of up to 677 kms (WLTP)/857 kms (ARAI approved)
• Charge up to 300 kms (WLTP) in just 15 minutes at a fast-charging station
• MBUX Hyperscreen: most advanced infotainment screen ever mounted in a series-built car, measuring 56 inches comes as a standard fitment

• Offers rear-axle steering with 10° steering angle adjustment
• Priority delivery for Mercedes-Benz customers
• Service interval of 2 years or 30,000 kms | Vehicle warranty at 3 years | Battery warranty of 8 years/unlimited kms
• Service Ease Maintenance package price starts as low as INR 1 Lac
• Mercedes-Benz India offers largest luxury car network equipped to service EQS with special tools, equipment and certified technicians to cater to high-voltage EV requirements
• The Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC is launched at a price of INR 1.55 crores (all India ex-showroom)

Pune: The country’s largest luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz today achieved a significant milestone in its India journey, by rolling out the country’s most advanced and sophisticated luxury Electric Vehicle – the EQS 580 4MATIC. India is the first market outside Germany to manufacture the EQS 580 4MATIC. The EQS 580 4MATIC, which becomes India’s longest range EV, is a design and technology marvel and sets new benchmark in the luxury EV segment. The luxury EV’s India rollout reiterates Mercedes-Benz’s commitment for offering the Indian customers, the most desirable and technologically advanced, futuristic products from its global portfolio. The launch of the EQS 580 4MATIC also underpins Mercedes-Benz’s global vision towards achieving a climate neutral car fleet in the foreseeable future. The local manufacturing of the EQS 580 4MATIC underlines Mercedes-Benz India’s global competencies accomplished in flexible production at its state-of—the-art manufacturing facility that now produces series, Maybach, AMG and luxury EVs, all under one roof.

Speaking on the occasion, Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, said, “The EQS 580 4MATIC is our first locally manufactured EV in India and will play a pivotal role in driving our ambitious EV plans for the market. It is a perfect blend of technology, luxury and safety, pioneering numerous tech features for our customers. India is the first country outside Germany to manufacture the EQS 580 4MATIC, and this unique distinction underpins Mercedes-Benz India’s deep customer commitment and long-term vision for developing the luxury EV market here.”

He added, “The manufacturing of EQS 580 4MATIC in India is a key milestone and a strong testament to our state-of-the-art manufacturing prowess and our commitment to the vision of ‘Make in India’. It reiterates our relentless focus on developing the local market, creating value for customers, and introducing future-ready products, combining the best of luxury, technology, and safety. The ‘Made in India’ EQS sets a very high benchmark in the entire Indian automotive market and combines luxury and technology like no other modern EV in the market.”

Product Highlights:
As the world’s most aerodynamic car, the EQS 580 4MATIC boasts of a drag coefficient from 0.20. This contributes to the luxury saloon being India’s longest range EV with 857 kms range (ARAI certified). The high power density of the lithium-ion battery comes with usable energy content of 107.8 kWh and is equipped with a powerful 400 volt battery manufactured using the latest lithium-ion technology. It is equipped with superior technology through the advanced infotainment system MBUX Hyperscreen.

Safety features:
The EQS puts significant focus on safety with EURO NCAP rating of 5 star and comes equipped with 9 airbags for customer safety. Like all other Mercedes, the EQS features a rigid passenger cell, special deformation zones and state-of-the-art restraint systems. PRE-SAFE® is standard. The fact that the EQS is based on an all-electric architecture also opened up new design possibilities for its safety concept. It means, for example, that a favorable location could be chosen for the installation of the battery, in a crash-protected area in the underbody.

Since there is no large engine block on board, the behavior in a frontal crash could be modelled even better. In addition to the standard crash tests, the car’s performance in various additional load situations was verified and extensive component tests carried out at the Vehicle Safety Technology Centre (TFS), Sindelfingen.

Other unique EQS features:
The drive experience is unmatched with the inclusion of rear-axle steering with 10° steering angle adjustment, HEPA Filter, Dynamic Select, and Predictive Route Planning among other features. The sustainability in the EQS is enhanced through recycled & renewable raw materials as well as usage of recycled steel among other elements.

Vyankatesh Kulkarni, Executive Director and Head of Operations, Mercedes-Benz India said, “The roll-out of the EQS in India as the first market outside Germany is a very proud moment for our plant and confirms our commitment towards ‘Make in India’. It highlights our manufacturing prowess and global competence in handling complex assembly processes for a sophisticated and technologically advanced product like the EQS.

Today, we achieve a rare distinction in flexible production, as we manufacture series cars, Maybach performance AMGs and now luxury EVs all under a single roof. This feat is only possible with the gradual transition of our plant into electrification, smart manufacturing processes and upskilling the workforce towards transformative future. It has been a great journey to reach a historic moment of a ‘Green plant running on 100% green energy and manufacturing green product’. This truly underlines our commitment towards sustainability. With the EQS 580, we have opened avenues for best of technologies, sustainability and luxury for our discerning customers, to be made in India.”

Production Highlights:
With introduction of all-new EQS 580 4MATIC at our facility in Chakan, Mercedes-Benz India has started its transformation journey with focus on future:

Flexible Manufacturing:
To stay on top of changing consumer demand, the plant is evolving by implementing flexible assembly lines, which can produce multiple models of ICEs and EVs.
Complex Battery fitment process:
The new battery for the EQS 580 4MATIC sets standards in terms of performance, efficiency and charging capacity. Mercedes-Benz India has implemented an innovative, safe and efficient Battery assembly process, which delivers on the philosophy of “First Time Right” production and quality assurance processes.
MBUX Hyperscreen:
One of the standout features of the EQS is the MBUX Hyperscreen. This stunning digital panel including the whole cockpit is assembled in the plant for the first time. Mercedes-Benz India has pushed the boundaries of innovation to realize high performing assembly processes at every stage of production.
Head-up Display:
This head-up display projects visual information into driver’s field of vision without any distraction. Advance testing and calibration processes and lab is set up first time in the plant, starting with EQS 580 4MATIC.
Skilled Workforce:
To complement technological products and advanced manufacturing processes, our workforce is equipped with traditional as well as futuristic skills like EE-Software, Battery (electrical) technologies and High Voltage architecture in manufacturing environment.
Frameless doors:
The doors are frameless, lending them an inimitable elegance and lightness of touch. A defining feature that sets the EQS 580 apart is built through a handcrafted assembly process in our plant.
Charging: The new battery for the EQS 580 sets standards in terms of performance, efficiency and charging capacity. Raising the bar on sustainability ambitions, our plant is now equipped with a Green charging ecosystem, with AC and DC chargers.





Electric Motors

Two permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM)
Max. output

385 kW
Max. torque at transmission output
855 Nm
Drive system layout

All-wheel drive
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
4.3 s
Maximum speed
210 km/h
Battery energy content, usable (WLTP)
107.8 kWh
Rated voltage
396 V
Max. recuperation power1
290 kW
Wallbox charger AC (standard)

22 kW
Max. DC charging power
200 kW
Electrical consumption ( full MIDC)

151 Wh/km
     857 km Range as per ARAI*
Kerb weight
2585 kg
Cd value

1This value refers to the electrical power fed into the electric battery by recuperation. It can be achieved under optimal environmental conditions, depending on, among other things charge status and temperature.


Key Features of the new ‘Made in India’ EQS 580 4MATIC:
• Battery: High power density of the lithium-ion battery with a usable energy content of 107.8 kWh and is equipped with a powerful 400 volt, battery manufactured using the latest lithium-ion technology.
• Most Aerodynamic Car in the World: The EQS boasts of a drag coefficient from 0.20. Streamlining, seam sealing and minimization, wheel design, tire spoilers ahead of each wheel, highly smooth underbody paneling, a standard rear lip spoiler, and self-lowering air suspension add up to enhance quiet comfort, stable handling, driving range and efficiency.
• Innovative and Advanced MBUX Hyperscreen: This 56-inch, curved screen unit extends from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens sit under a glass cover and appear to merge into one. With the so-called zero layer, the most important applications are always displayed situationally and contextually on the top level in the field of vision.
• Rear Axle Steering: The rear-axle steering with 10° steering angle adjustment offers you three advantages at once: even more effortlessly superior road-holding, significantly increased agility and, better maneuverability when parking.
 The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter as part of the ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level of over 99.65 percent.
• DYNAMIC SELECT: This provides you with a choice between the ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and INDIVIDUAL drive programs, which influence the accelerator pedal characteristic and agility, among other things. In the ECO drive program, the focus is on efficiency and an energy-efficient driving style.
• Predictive route planning and efficient driving with Electric Intelligence – The car plans the fastest and most convenient route, including charging stops, based on numerous factors and reacts dynamically to traffic jams or a change in driving style.
• The Burmester® surround sound system comprises 15 speakers with a total output of 710 watts
• Sustainable luxury: The components in the EQS, which are manufactured resource-efficiently using recycled and renewable raw materials, weigh more than 80 kilograms. The steel processed for the EQS at the Mercedes-Benz pressing plants consists largely of recycled steel scrap and the EQS has over 80%-recycled steel in its bones. The floor coverings are made of fishing nets and carpet scraps.

The new EQS: Passive safety
The principles of Integral Safety, in particular accident safety, apply regardless of the platform. Like all other Mercedes, the EQS therefore features a rigid passenger cell, special deformation zones and state-of-the-art restraint systems. PRE-SAFE® is standard.

The fact that the EQS is based on an all-electric architecture also opened up new design possibilities for its safety concept. Thus, the installation space for the battery could be favorably selected in a crash-protected area in the underbody (for details on battery safety, see separate chapter). Moreover, because there is no large engine block on board, the behavior in a frontal crash could be modelled even better. In addition to the standard crash tests, the car’s performance in various additional load situations was verified and extensive component tests carried out at the Vehicle Safety Technology Centre (TFS).

High-voltage system: automatic shutdown in accidents
The battery, high-voltage (HV) cables and other HV components have been designed and protected in such a way that they meet Mercedes-Benz’s high safety requirements in the event of an accident.
The multi-stage protection concept of the high-voltage (HV) system has already proven itself in the other Mercedes-EQ models.

In case of danger, it can be automatically switched off and disconnected from the battery. In the case of a reversible shutdown, which occurs in less severe accidents, it is possible to switch the high-voltage system back on if a prior insulation measurement detects no faults. This means that vehicles still capable of being driven can continue their journey. Only in the case of very severe accidents, where the vehicle is usually incapable of being driven anyway, is the high-voltage system shut down irreversibly and unable to be activated without repair. When shutting down, there is a provision to ensure that within a few seconds there is no residual voltage in the high-voltage system outside the battery that could cause injury.

There are also shutdown points where emergency teams can deactivate the high-voltage system manually. In addition, the EQS has crash monitoring when stationary (during DC charging) as standard.

Acoustic Vehicle Alert System: special sound as a warning for pedestrians
The electric-car-specific innovations also include an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (standard). This makes it easier for pedestrians to notice the EQS at low speeds. Above 20 km/h, the sound is gradually faded out, since above this threshold the vehicle can be perceived via the then dominant rolling and wind noises. If the speed drops back to 30 km/h, the sound is faded in again. When reversing, an intuitively recognizable interval tone sounds regardless of the speed.

Modern restraint systems:
In addition to driver and front passenger airbags, a knee airbag on the driver’s side is also standard. It protects the legs from contact with the steering column or instrument panel in a severe frontal crash. This can prevent or lessen the severity of injuries.

The standard window airbags can reduce the risk of head impact with the side window or penetrating objects. In the event of a serious side collision, the window airbag on the side of the impact extends from the A- to the C-pillar like a curtain over the front and rear side windows. If a rollover is detected, the window airbags can be activated on both sides.

In conjunction with power rear seats with memory function, the EQS is equipped with side airbags in the rear. They protect the chest area on the outer rear seats in the event of a severe side impact and supplement the protection provided by the standard window airbags.

In conjunction with the Exclusive nappa leather Package, the EQS has designer belt buckles at the front and rear. They support buckling up, because the lights of the belt buckle pulsate at that time. When stationary and at low speed, the lights are solid.

The EQS has i-Size child seat attachments as standard on the two outer rear seats. With two anchors each between the seat back and the seat cushion, corresponding child seats are installed particularly quickly and securely. Top tether attachment points behind the rear head restraints provide additional support.

PRE-SAFE®: precautionary protection as standard
The PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant protection system is fitted as standard in the EQS. Together with the familiar precautionary measures in the event of a potential frontal and rear-end crash, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side forms a kind of virtual crumple zone that extends around the vehicle.

As only a limited crumple zone is available in a side impact, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side can move the affected driver or front passenger away from the danger even before the crash as soon as the system detects that a side collision is immediately imminent. For this purpose, air chambers in the side bolsters of the front seat backrest are inflated in a fraction of a second.

Charging: To further encourage EV adoption, Mercedes-Benz India will set up the largest ‘Ultra-fast charging network’ by a luxury carmaker, covering 80% of India by end of 2022. In order to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience of its electric portfolio, the ‘Ultra-fast charging network’ will be exclusive to Mercedes-Benz customers, with free & round the clock charging services being offered, for the first year.