Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-1 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-2 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-3 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-4 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-5 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-6 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-7 Mercedes-AMG-GT-63-4-MATIC-4-Door-Coup-by-performmaster-8

In 2019 performmaster celebrates its 31th birthday with a very special Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-door special model. The luxury sports car „performmaster GT 63 S 1of31“, limited to 31 pieces worldwide, received its exclusive finishing touch from the in-house customization company. The limited edition can be recognized by the specially developed AERSPHERE aerodynamic parts.

The tuning specialists from performmaster have also set their accents under the bonnet: From a four liters engine, the performmaster GT 63 S 1of31 develops 740 HP of power and a maximum torque of 1,030 Nm. In less than three seconds the „1of31“ of performmaster reaches 100 km/h. In the interior „1of31“ applications refer to the rare special edition.

More power, more torque and better acceleration for the performmaster GT 63 S 1of31. The PEC Tuning module by performmaster makes this possible – exclusively for Mercedes-AMG models. A comprehensive engine warranty and a TÜV parts approval is already included.

The positive effect of the performmaster AERSPHERE rear wing is particularly noticeable at higher speeds on straight lines and when cornering. In addition, the power of the air is directed specifically to the rear wing, which significantly improves driving stability and handling, especially at higher speeds.

• Improved aerodynamics on the rear axle, thus absolute directional stability
• Perfect fit, mounting on original mounting points
• High mechanical load capacity
• Fits seamlessly to the vehicle’s aesthetics
• High quality workmanship, Made in Germany
• At any time retrofitting on series rear wing possible without traces
• Incl. TÜV certificate for road approval

On request, the performmaster AERSPHERE diffuser is painted in body color or is available in black high gloss (Night package).

Available now: The tuning package for the performmaster GT 63 S 1of31, consisting of PEC tuning module and aerodynamic package. Find out more about performmaster’s tuning here – exclusively for Mercedes-AMG vehicles.

• PEC tuning module for more power
• AERSPHERE Front sword für mehr Abtrieb an der Vorderachse
• AERSPHERE Rear wing for an optimized spoiler lip
• AERSPHERE Rear diffuser for a smooth underflow
• Lowered suspension

For a lower design and a dynamic look, the suspension by performmaster perfectly match the chassis of the performmaster GT63 S 1of31.

• More dynamic appearance
• Agile steering behavior
• Optimum handling
• Improved driving dynamics
• AMG driver assistance systems are retained
• AMG comfort functions are retained