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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic Coupé

₹ 81,53,977

These days cars are getting too fast and too powerful but the fact of the matter is that the new GLC 43 AMG Coupe is just the right sized sporty performance car for India as our review proves.


WE LOVE: Looks fantastic and also different from a regular Mercedes. The performance is accessible along with having the sound and driving experience from a sports car. Also great value since the car is being locally assembled now

WE DON’T LOVE: The ride quality is a bit stiff for our roads while the rear seat has less space than the standard GLC

1. Introduction

Mercedes-Benz with its AMG performance arm has been very successful in India with the previous GLE Coupe and the G63 AMG being successful in establishing the performance car industry in India. It is also not a surprise that AMG has the widest performance car portfolio in India with India being clearly important for this German car-maker. However the recent step taken by them makes AMG stand apart as they are now assembling AMGs in India.

This is a first since till now due to the popular notion that Indian market does not buy sports cars, the business case for assembling a performance car was not making sense but the success of AMG changed that. AMG has started assembling the GLC 43 Coupe in India at its Pune plant which means the car-buyer will get a much cheaper car and a lot of power for less money. But just how good is the GLC 43 AMG is what we are answering here. Read on.

2. Looks from outside

The new GLC 43 AMG Coupe is no doubt a very attractive car. As the name says that the GLC is a coupe which means there is a different looking side and rear view from the standard GLC on which it is based on. Do note that Mercedes sells the standard GLC coupe also in India minus the AMG bits.

However back to the GLC 43 AMG coupe and the AMG styling actually suits the GLC coupe more than the standard GLC. The coupe brings a sloping rear which extends out while the tail-lamps are bigger along with a lower stance. It looks wider and sportier no doubt.

However coming to the AMG specific bits and the new GLC 43 gets a bigger AMG specific grille which is similar to the AMG supercars like the GTR. The massive grille gets your attention and it has a vertical chrome fin type design. Then you have different AMG specific high performance lamps. Even the bumper is made to look much sportier with bigger intakes while the matt black fins around them are a nice touch. Move to the side and you will notice those huge 20-inch wheels with the high performance tyres. These are AMG specific wheels and are light weight while also looking very nice plus filling up the wheel-arches quite well.

Even at the rear you can see the spoiler and the changed rear bumper with the diffuser along with those quad exhausts. By the way, even the LED tail-lamps are re-designed. AMG also offers some sportier colours though the black on our test car looked stunning.

3. Driving feel

An AMG is all about the driving experience and the GLC 43 AMG stays true to that ethos. The driving position is sportier and the flat bottomed steering enhances the sporty feel also. Starting the car though brings a different side to the AMG. The sound on a cold start is loud and immediately informs you that you are driving something fast.

However via the different modes you can modulate how you want the car to feel. The comfort mode is when the car is quiet and takes over the role of an everyday car. The engine is relatively muted and the gear changes are smooth. The ride despite the massive wheels is not harsh but it is more firm over a standard GLC of course. You have to be careful over the large potholes over damaging the wheels. Else the city driving is not a painful affair at all with the healthy ground clearance and the excellent all round visibility. The steering too is manageable over crawling traffic speeds though it is slightly on the heavy side.

However the whole point of this car is to enjoy it over empty roads and long stretches. There you put on either the Sport or Sport Plus mode where the throttle response becomes harder along with more ferocious gear changes. The exhaust is also louder. The pops and crackles from the exhaust and the double downshifting that you can do with the car in this mode is plain joyful. Make no mistake, this is a fast car and it sounds like it. The engine is brilliant as it loves to rev but also has a muscular power delivery too. The gearbox goes through the ratios very well with perfect downshifts and you can do double downshifts in the Sport Plus mode plus of course there is the paddle shifts where you can hold the gear for as long as you want while reaching the maximum revs. There is an abundance of power on tap plus with the all wheel drive system, you can actually exploit all of it.

The four wheel drive system is also useful under hard cornering where the car has a lot of grip along with giving you confidence. You can really push the car hard while the rear biased system also puts in some fun where you can enjoy it a bit sideways before the system kicks in. Hence even when it rains or when the roads are greasy, the car will perform regardless of any road surface. Plus the compact dimensions also come in handy as that gives better body control and an enhanced athletic feel. The steering as said earlier is heavy but that gives brilliant feedback and control over the car and you are kept aware of the slightest input that you give to it.


The 43 range of cars have the V6 petrol engines as the 63 name denotes the AMG cars having the bigger V8 engine. The engine is a 3.0 litre V6 biturbo with 390 bhp and 520Nm. The power on offer is more than the previous GLC 43 AMG with a bigger turbo-chargers while the gearbox is a 9-speed automatic. There is also a manual mode by paddle shifters while there are various drive modes like “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+” and “Individual”. The GLC43 AMG is also four-wheel drive with the AMG Performance 4MATIC system as it has a rear-biased torque distribution with a front/rear axle split of 31 to 69 percent.


The GLC 43 AMG Coupe is fast as the performance stats show it. 0-100 km/h is in 4.9 seconds while the top-speed is electronically controlled to 250 km/h.

4. Interior features and feel

Just like the exterior the interior of the GLC 43 AMG Coupe is also a delightful place to be. The standard interior lay-out is like the GLC sold in India but look closer and there are many differences. The interior feels sportier and more special with the all black look, which is the signature of an AMG.

We also love the sporty AMG flat-bottomed steering wheel while the AMG sport seats with the red seat belts looks nice too. The front seats themselves are sporty and hug you when you drive this car with a snug fit. Elsewhere there is the set of screens including the 10.25 inch touch screen in the middle and the 12.3 inch instrument cluster which is fully digital.

Plus the touch-screen gets extra AMG features while the instrument cluster gets a unique AMG look with different screens showcasing the performance stats. Below you will see some extra buttons for the drive modes and also you have a button for changing the exhaust (exhaust can be louder only in Sport mode). Elsewhere there is red stitching all over and the silver finish on the air vents to the Burmester speaker grilles plus even on the steering looks great. In terms of features you also get what you expect from a luxury car at this price. A big sunroof, digital instrument cluster, wireless charging, heated and powered seats, Burmester audio system, 64 colour ambient lighting, dual-zone climate control, 360 degree camera, rear sun blinds and more.

The other talking point in new Mercedes cars is the connected technology. Via the Mercedes Me app you will have all of the information from your phone while also having the usual connected car safety and convenience features. Plus the driver can say ‘Hey Mercedes’ as that turns on the voice assistant feature on the car plus it understands Indian accents very well.

In terms of space the front seats are comfortable and headroom is not bad at all. Tall drivers can sit easily and be comfortable. Plus despite the low roofline the rear seat is also not short on headroom or legroom with ample thigh support also. However the seat is best for two passengers at the back but the other practical bit is the massive boot which would easily swallow all of your weekend travel luggage.

5. Ownership

Being an AMG you expect it to be a heavy drinker but that is not the case at all. The AMG GLC43 gets a star/stop system which saves fuel plus when driven normally the mileage is around 10kmpl which is quite good. The GLC 43 is assembled now and Mercedes also has various service packages to make your ownership costs reasonable too. It is by far the most affordable performance car to maintain in India since local assembly reduces prices and also easier availability of spare parts.

6. Our opinion

Hence if you are looking for a fast car but also something which works on our roads then this is it. The new GLC 43 is much more desirable even without the price in mind.

When you look at the price of the AMG GLC 43 then you will see the benefits of local assembly since that reduces the taxes and also removes import duty which is applied on CBU cars. The previous GLC43 was an import and had the car been imported today then the price of the car would be close to Rs. 1 crore but now due to local assembly the price is a much more reasonable Rs. 81.5 lakh ex-showroom.

That not only makes it the most affordable AMG in India but also the most reasonably priced performance SUV since at this price the car has no rivals. The BMW X3M is perhaps its biggest rival but that has more power however the fully imported status has pushed its price way higher than the GLC 43. Hence if you are looking for a fast car but also something which works on our roads then this is it. The new GLC 43 is much more desirable even without the price in mind. The car looks good and feels like a special car inside out with a real sportier vibe. However the ground clearance and the compact proportions make it the perfect luxury performance car for our cramped city roads. Hence the GLC 43 AMG is highly recommended by us overall.

Specifications –

Total displacement (cc)


No./arrangement of cylinders


Rated output (kW [hp] @ rpm)

287 [390] @ 5500 – 6100

Rated torque (Nm @ rpm)

520 @ 2500 – 5000



Acceleration 0-100 (km/h)

4.9 s

Top Speed (km/h)

250 km/h

Maximum gross weight (Kg)
L x W (ORVM) x H (mm)
4749 x 2096 x 1585
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)
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