Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_1 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_10 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_11 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_12 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_2 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_3 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_4 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_5 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_6 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_7 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_8 Mercedes-_AMG_G_63_Ares_X-_Raid_9

The classic G-Wagon gets the ARES interior and exterior makeover and becomes a rare and headturning piece of art. Based on the Mercedes G63 the car retains the superb engineering and marries it with the coachbuilding mastery of ARES.

There is no doubt that the X-Raid is a big and powerful car that’s not for everyone. It has an impressive, almost aggressive, stance on the road and wherever it’s seen, it becomes the talk of the town. The added power and the exquisite interior adds to the ARES Design experience.

ARES Performance – It’s not for the feint of heart

  • Base: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
  • Power: 760 hp
  • Engine: V8 petrol, 5.461cc
  • Top Speed: 250 km/h

ARES Body & Wheels – Bigger but lighter

  • Body: Fully independent carbon body
  • Wheels: 22 inch bespoke ARES Design forged wheels + tire pressure control system
  • Weight: A new carbon fiber and aluminum body reducing standard car weight by 200kgs

Interior – It won’t get much better than this

  • Sports Steering Wheel: Custom made incorporating precious material inserts
  • Cockpit: A completely new cockpit giving the car a state of the art contemporary interior design
  • Seats: Nappa leather upholstery with inserts and two single VIP seats in the rear