Are you also fond of traveling in your favorite vehicle?  Do you ever dream to become the social media sensation while just for the fond of your car and being a traveling enthusiast?  Then, let’s meet the hottest precision driver @thatporschegirl from Hollywood, behind the wheel for the love of her Porsche, which has made her the social media sensation!

Lara nick named ‘That Porsche Girl’ was just 12 when she has the desire of driving a Porsche.  That was the time she saw her mom’s friend driving up in hers.  Up to that end, all the women she knew drove station wagons.  Then, she started collecting money and in the evenings, she learned driving her mother’s car on deserted streets.  Therefore, at 16, when she got her license, she, without any other thoughts, bought a Beetle.  Though this Beetle was not enough to satisfy her dream, at least it did grant freedom.

While spending most of the time driving around the streets of California with her favorite playlist on, she finished her high school, post that she went to New York.  She spent two and a half years working as a model before flying back to California for continuing her career in film.  However, she was tired of movies and began working as a precision driver.  She told, “It’s more about dynamic precision, and not running over the cameras or putting anyone in danger.”  She still practices the wheel for Hollywood stars and in her mid-20s duplicated for the likes of Mary Louise Parker, Jennifer Connelly, and Julia Roberts.

Currently, more than 20,000 followers know her as @thatporschegirl. Her Instagram profile is full of memories and images, where she has shared her passion for Porsche while beaming to renew the image of women in the society of sports cars.

Lara begins up the 1969 Porsche 911 T and blended into traffic on the coastal road.  The car instantly attracted huge attention, even among the myriad luxury brands close to Newport Beach.  People also regarded the woman at the wheel, amazingly.  She said mockingly while stepping on the gas, “Most of the men think I’ve borrowed the car from my dad.  I am always friendly and keep my thoughts to myself.  But it never ceases to amaze me that people are bowled over by a woman at the wheel of a vintage Porsche.”

Now, Lara is on the radar of writers, podcast owners, and shows organisers.  She also has hosted the latest California Festival of Speed and aspires to launch her own show for sports car lovers.  However, she also not being too serious about the future as for now as future is unpredictable and nobody could think whatever it might lead to.  “I’m taking things easy and am going with the flow,” she said.

At that note, a sharp bend appeared which took Lara with a manifest delightful view, and then she moved on while embracing the racing line before getting steadily back on the throttle.  All that was completely perfect and at the exact point!

One contrary, being famous is not that good all the time, as the hottest driver does not want to disclose any personal details in public, not even her last name.  She also experienced some worst encounters with her fans soon after when she began her @thatporschegirl Instagram site.  Because of this reason, she has cleansed off all the information from the web. These annoying fans!

So, if you also think that your daily work-job life routine demands the best out of you all the time, you genuinely must begin to acknowledge Porsche’s there’s no substitute’ mantra.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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