McLaren has launched 5 extraordinary super cars to pay homage to its 1995 victory at Le Mans Endurance race, which is a 24 hours race which tests endurance and reliability of cars and 5 of McLaren cars which participated came under top 15, one of them won the race they came 1st,3rd,4th,5th,and 13th respectively, winning a race like Le Mans was not a joke back then and neither it is now the cars as well as the teams went through hell and now to celebrate this extraordinary achievement McLaren has launched 5 extraordinary  costumer-commissioned McLaren Senna GTR LM which will pay homage to each of the winning cars in Le Mans.

Each of the five cars were painstakingly hand painted which took around 800 hours to finish McLaren also took special permissions from its sponsors and Le Mans organisers to recreate logos and trademarks to replicate the exact look of the cars, the cars are very detailed and outstanding to look at and look very similar in to its F1 twin.

Each McLaren Senna GTR LM also share the same chassis number with its F1 twin in Le Mans and each of the cars have etched name of each of the winning drivers inside the cars and what position they ended on.

The McLaren Senna GTR is not just beautiful but they are smart and are extremely fast like they are expected to be, Its F1 twin was at that time engineered to give highest power-to-weight ratio and was able to produce a down force of 1000 kilograms, the Senna GTR on the other hand has a twin-turbocharged, 4.0-litre M840TQ engine include valve spring retainers made from metal matrix composite (MMC) to deliver a 65% weight reduction, higher grade steel for the valve springs and hand-polished, CNC ported cylinder heads.

This Beast of an engine produces about 845 PS of power which 20 PS more than the ‘regular’ Senna GTR, The GTR’s Inconel exhaust system, which exits from the rear deck beneath the rear wing, has been further enhanced by the addition of specially designed LM twin-exit pipes. OZ Racing has provided bespoke 5 spoke wheel design with brake callipers finished in Satan gold, interestingly OZ Racing also provided wheels for its F1 Twin.

The Senna GTR also comes with great interiors, a racing steering wheel with anodised gold gear shift paddles and control buttons (in tribute to the McLaren F1’s gold-coloured gear linkage); titanium nitride pedals with LM logos; leather door-pull straps and lightweight carbon fibre racing seats complemented by bespoke headrest embroidery and an MSO six-point racing harness coloured black with body-colour pads.

The Five owners of these extraordinary cars will also get an opportunity to go to the AOC Club where Le Mans is held and drive their own McLaren Senna GTR on track.

With this car McLaren is also celebrating its victory at Le Mans and for that victory its drivers deserve a lot of respect and praise the so each car represents the winning cars-

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/1 is homage to McLaren F1/01R,also referred to as the ‘Ueno Clinic Car’  and was the winner at Le Mans 1995, The car bearing race number 59 was driven in 1995 by two-time Le Mans winner Yannick Dalmas, Japanese veteran Masanori Sekiya and former Formula One driver, JJ Lehto.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/6 is homage to McLaren F1/06R referred as ‘The Harrods car’, Car number 51, driven by an all-British line up of Andy Wallace, Derek Bell and Justin Bell, might well have won had it not suffered a transmission glitch two hours from the flag that saw Wallace have to nurse the car home in third place.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/2 is homage to McLaren F1/02R referred as ‘The Gulf car’, Brazilian Maurizio Sandro Sala joined Brits Mark Blundell and Ray Bellm behind the wheel of the McLaren F1 GTR for 291 rain-lashed laps of La Sarthe in 1995, eventually finishing in fourth place.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/7 is homage to McLaren F1/07R referred as ‘The Jacadi car’, Car number 50 was run by French-based customer team Giroix Racing. Two French drivers – Fabien Giroix and Olivier Grouillard – joined Swiss pilot Jean-Denis Deletraz to bring the car home in fifth place, just a lap down on the Gulf car.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/5 is homage to McLaren F1/05R, referred as ‘The Cesar car’ Displaying the most intricate livery design of all the McLaren F1 GTRs that raced in 1995, car number 42 finished 13 th  position, completing the McLaren roll of honour of finishers.

This occasion is really special for McLaren as well as its fans it celebrates bulletproof reliability of McLaren that it withstood the Le Mans also it celebrates its 25th Anniversary, McLaren sure deserves a pat on the back for this great achievement.