Mc_Laren_570_S_in_Marlboro_wrap_1 Mc_Laren_570_S_in_Marlboro_wrap_2 Mc_Laren_570_S_in_Marlboro_wrap_3 Mc_Laren_570_S_in_Marlboro_wrap_4 Mc_Laren_570_S_in_Marlboro_wrap_5

Here is the Marlboro / James Hunt inspired McLaren 570-VX themed wrap. The 570s was transformed with the incredible Vorsteiner 570-VX aero kit with their new V-SF 001 wheels that was powder coated white to give it that extra pop! A big shout out to Scott Skepple designs for the amazing wrap.

You’ve got to see it in person to really appreciate the attention to detail and the crazy weathering that went into this design.

Of course it’s protected with Xpeltech Stealth film and then coated with Glanz Ceramic Coating along with Clearplex windshield film.

Credit: goldrushrally