Each of Pogea customers has individual wishes. Or they come with individual vehicles. So the McLaren 570s, which brings enormous tuning potential and at the same time attracts an incredible number of looks. But as is often the case in reality, that’s not enough. Or you just want to be “different” than the “others”. Then Pogea Racing mostly come into the game. How can you breathe even more exclusivity into such a beautiful super athlete? With individualization from Pogea Racing in Friedrichshafen. The task was easy. New wheels, forged monoblocks – with matching tires from MICHELIN. Logically, Pogea take the current top tire, the Pilot Sport 4S. The JULES are bidirectional, deep concave, coated with the special Swagger-Champagne varnish and milled in 20“. You can see 21” here and there, but you want to avoid that any kind of comfort is left behind – this is why Pogea kept 20″ on the front.

Pogea carried out the exclusive lowering with a KW automotive coilover variant 3. Various setups have been tried out countless times and the wheel alignment has been set so that it is possible to drive into sharp corners at very high speeds, improve lateral and longitudinal dynamics and make the standard chassis look old. At the same time, however, to be able to use the car as a daily driver. Then it went to the exhaust system. Here Pogea use a MONSTER exhaust valve system with X-pipe connection, two electrical high-speed valves and these are controlled dynamically via Pogea CANBUS. So all driving areas are legally compliant and you can legally make nasty noise.

The 200cpsi HJS catalysts are EURO6 compliant and with approval. The downpipes and the complete exhaust system are thermo-integrally insulated. This insulation immensely reduces the temperature in the engine compartment. This in turn has a massive impact on performance. With the new exhaust system, the two downpipes and the software of the STAGE 2 developed individually on the test bench and the racing track, Pogea achieve a final result of 666PS and 800Nm. This turns the 570s into an infernal and devilish 666s.

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