Tyres are a vital part of the vehicle. They are the only thing between the rider and the road. Stay safe, and save some money too, by ensuring the tyres are maintained properly. Most of us are obsessed with the performance of our vehicles but very few realize that the maintenance of the tyres plays an important role in the performance of the vehicle. Timely maintenance and upkeep of tyres improve the performance of a tyre and increase its lifespan considerably.

Maxxis Tyres recommends five simple tips to extend the life of your tyres: –

  1. Maintaining Recommended Tyre Air Pressure
  • Ensure your tyres are properly inflated and checked at least once a week. Recommended air pressure plays a key role for a tyre to perform to its best with longer running life. You can find recommended air pressure on a sticker on your vehicle or in the vehicle owner manual.
  1. Preference of Nitrogen over normal air
  • Nitrogen molecules are larger and slower moving than those of compressed air. Because of this, nitrogen will not seep out of your tyres as quickly as air will, helping to maintain proper pressure for a longer period of time.
  1. Having Vehicle in good-maintained condition
  • Every movement in the vehicle, eventually ends up going through the tyres to the road. If any vehicle part like brakes, suspension etc is not functioning properly, eventually ends up effecting the tyre’s performance and life. Hence keep your vehicle in good condition.
  1. Having good riding habits
  • Good Riding habits like speed control, accelerating/braking precisely, not overloading the vehicle with more than one pillion rider etc, always helps in keeping the Vehicle running and stay well maintained, eventually helping tyres to perform best and last longer.
  1. Using Genuine Repair Kits for Punctures like Mushroom Patch
  • Prefer genuine puncture repair kits like Mushroom Patch. It is the best method for a Puncture repair in Tubeless Tyres which helps tyres to remain problem free and last longer.



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