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Larte Design has prepared a completely new premium tuning package for the Italian SUV. The new kit is called Shtorm and consists of 16 new elements that are made of carbon fiber plus the presented SUV has also shown the new rims, that were specially selected in the same style as the grille and the lower part of the bumper. The new project was made to emphasize the sporty style of this perfect Maserati SUV. In the foreground there is a spectacular carbo pad on the hood. Further under the radiator grille, the C-shaped rounds the air intakes and the down skirt with an additional splitter. On the sides there are noticeable wind pads in the form of a harpoon.

The rear bumper diffuser is complemented by aluminum alloy tailpipes. Optionally the customers may order that in the form of two twin carbon tailpipes. The carbon arches together within the door side sills are harmoniously complement the kit, giving the car a visual muscularity.