e-SURVIVOR Concept demonstrates Maruti Suzuki’s efforts in the direction of electric mobility and presents an innovative, futuristic vision of Maruti Suzuki.

e-SURVIVOR is a design concept for a compact SUV that pays tribute to Suzuki’s proud 4WD heritage. It is aimed to take the excitement of driving to the next level and the fun of Off-Roading ahead of its time, yet relevant to the present.

In addition, e-SURVIVOR depicts the new and exciting F.A.C.E of Suzuki’s intent for future mobility. It encompasses all future possibilities …“Four-Wheel Drive, Autonomous, Connected & Electric.”

It has been conceptualized with a vision to Empower its customers to Explore the unexplored with Enthralling Experience.

In terms of exterior styling, e-SURVIVOR has been styled in a way that fuses near-future flavour with distinctive characteristics of its Suzuki 4WD DNA.

e-SURVIVOR has ladder frame and lightweight compact body which helps to achieve outstanding drivability and durability on rugged roads. Combining the high ground-covering capability to take on various roads with the powerful torque and acceleration of an electric vehicle, the e-SURVIVOR succeeds in delivering the driving fun for a new era.

It not only carries the Suzuki’s 4WD heritage but also adds new possibilities through its electric four wheel drive. It has got a set of four In-Wheel electric motors that controls the 4 wheels independently. The motors enable fine control of the wheels depending on road or driving conditions. It allows for on-the-spot turning and achieves outstanding mobility – movements that were not possible with conventional 4WDs.

Moreover, the e-SURVIVOR is equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. Along with that, it can also be switched to manual mode for off-road driving at any time. This supports safe, fun driving that suits road conditions and the skills or intentions of the driver at any time. A fine blend in which analogue and digital co-exist happily, the e-SURVIVOR is the realistic vehicle of the future.

Interior of the vehicle showcases futuristic interface which displays information that promotes safety and provides an enthralling driving experience. It has a spherical monitor on which the vehicle’s status and the road conditions can be checked at a glance.

It has a navigation system and a wide monitor for displaying online information and images from vehicle cameras. Smartphones and a variety of other electronic devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information on the topography, nearby vehicles, weather, and more.

e-SURVIVOR ensures safety while offering fun in driving and transportation.

e-SURVIVOR will stand out, no matter where ever you go. And it will deliver performance, no matter how you use it.

  • Overall length x width x height 3,460 x 1,645 x 1,655mm
  • Power source Electric motors (Dual front-rear motor axle units)