You own a car and then you own a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.  One of the most costly cars in the world, S-Class signifies class, royalty, ego, status, beauty thus making its owner unique.  And so it does to its owner Mallika Sherawat, who recently was clicked while taking this ‘modern luxury’ to ‘the next level’.

Mallika Sherawat is no stranger to her style statements and knows very well how to attract her fans with her social media activities.  Indeed, her name almost assures a splash and now with her most recent appearance with her Mercedes-Benz S-Class has taken the internet over the storm.  Make no delusion; we are looking forward to these luxurious fantasies of you, Mallika! She has great taste in cars and she owns couple of them, from it looks like through her social media. She has been spotted driving Rolls-Royce Wraith, Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Rolls-Royce Dawn, McLaren 720S, Tesla Model X, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and even a convertible Maruti 800. And these are truly one the finest cars in the world!

The bold actor, who made her Cannes debut in the year 2005 by enrobing some revealing outfits, has recently shared a video in which she has given a sight of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.  While she slew her look in a classy gorgeous multi-colored gown.  It was a pink beige, halter neck, mermaid silhouette gown and embroidered with multi-color florals.

The Murder actor can be seen wearing this lovely attire, which is perfectly glorifying her slight frame.  She can be seen vaunting her beautiful hair and was seen beaming her luminous smile as well.  She got her first major Bollywood role in the film Khwahish in 2003.

Well, who wouldn’t carry that smile when you own a next-generation cabin of the S-Class.?  uh!  Speaking of which, it remains a tech leader and a looking glass into Mercedes’ fate.  don’t make the fallacy of thinking the driver doesn’t much consideration, as their seat and the steering and side mirrors can be automatically settled to produce the optimal.

The Refresh, Energy, Passion, Joy, and Comfort have all been squeezed to combine new features.  As there is a new plug-in hybrid AMG variant, and following in the car’s life age an extra-long-wheelbase version starring a V12 powertrain as well.  The S-Class will hypnotize you with 64 color lighting and even massages at the seats.  You can own this vehicle, which comes in various models coming with the starting cost of Rs 1.38 Crore.

However, Mallika may not be a regular star in Bollywood nowadays, but she is making her mark nonetheless.  She has even represented an NGO at the Cannes film festival that runs towards eradicating trafficking and child prostitution. Whatever the thing is, we love Mallika’s taste in cars and hope to see some of her supercars in India.

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Siddhika Prajapati

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