The all-new Thar, just like its predecessors, is a highly sought after vehicle in the Indian auto scene – especially by young car buyers. Though it may seem like Thar appeals to this audience because of its robust 4×4 performance and dashing looks, its allure runs even deeper.

For Mahindra’s Thar, the vehicle’s name is enough to have auto buffs intrigued. With its latest model, the Thar has made its presence even more profound than before and one thing that sets this vehicle apart, other than its rep of course is the wide assortment of 120+ accessory options that it offers.

  • Exterior: For the outside body, the Thar comes with a variety of exterior appliques that give it its signature all-terrain suited look. The outer look has two main themes- Dark Lord and Chrome Hero, which basically differ on the premise that the Dark Lord’s black detailing on tail-lamps, wheel arch, front grille and bumper etc. make the Thar look edgy while the glossy finishes of Chrome Hero on headlamps, rain visor etc. make the vehicle shine.
  • Interior: The seats can be clad in any one of the six different cover options available. The upholstery is stylish and can be chosen to either match or remain at a contrast with the exterior. The Thar also comes with four floor mat options ranging from a Designer Dirt Trooper mat to a Camouflaged Sludge Wrestler mat.
  • Infotainment/ Sound: For everlasting entertainment, the 4×4 boasts Vibe speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers with a 2 DIN Head Unit Mounting Kit at the centre. The roof-mounted speakers ensure an immersive experience with the best sound quality for every ride.
  • Tech equipment and add-ons: Mahindra’s all-new Thar also hosts a number of smart features for ease of use of the drivers. The tech bundle includes front parking sensor, reverse camera and heads up display. Add-ons like snack tray, magnetic sun shades set, and door hinge step and vinyl steering wheel cover can also be added to one’s car. The vehicle also comes with protective accessories like body covers, mud flaps and scuff protectors.
  • Adventure accessories: Thar’s complete camping/ off-roading experience comes with partners like GoPro and KingCamp etc. that have offered accessories like filming with GoPro HERO8 Black and their Travel Kit etc. Bushranger’s wide range of recovery and maintenance accessories like Snatch Strap and Tyre Repair Kit, Kingcamp’s camping equipment like tents and beds and N-rit’s camping apparel make up the thorough quest bundle.

With Thar accessory options, you are spoiled for choice and can make it your own with them.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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