Lexus came up with its brand-new Sport Edition model for its RX luxury SUV range. Built with meticulous details, the RX’s incisive is given a sporty edge with a set of new touches. For the iconic Lexus spindle grille, these are led by a black finish, creating a striking contrast with the chrome surround. The five-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels are dark bronze, while, like those used on the RX F Sport, the door mirror casings are in black.

The Sport Version also comes with a new body aero set that subtly improves the RX ‘s road footprint in Lexus’ Eastern European markets, including Russia. This entails lower side sills, front lip and lower rear bumper in the shade of the vehicle’s body, showcasing the distinctive lines and planted appearance of the RX. Also, a “Black Vision” label on the back-door acts as a perfect element.

Lexus is attracting more customers with its high-quality Tahara upholstery, offering the appearance and softness of leather in a reliable product that comprises no animal-based materials. Tahara is more environmentally friendly to make as an alternative to leather, which allows the RX available to a broader variety of buyers. With more than 3.1 million units sold, the RX is well known as the most iconic and successful model in Lexus. The RX, the creator of the global luxury SUV industry, continues to grow with striking design, thorough craftsmanship and the use of technological advancements.

The fourth-generation model offers smooth networking and access to knowledge that lets the driver remain focused on the path ahead. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, smartphones can be combined with the vehicle’s multimedia device and access to Siri and the Google Assistant. It even consists of a 12.3 inches central display which can be operated via touchscreen commands, voice recognition or an interactive touchpad.

The new Lexus Safety System+ provides the vehicle with effective safety and driver assistance that is capable to warn the driver to crash threats and, if necessary, respond to avoid an accident. The new Pre-Collision System can detect people in the direction of the car in night driving, and bicycles in daytime driving. In implementing a new Blade Scan Adaptive High-beam System, the RX also marked a world-first.

With the RX 400h, Lexus brought self-charging hybrid electric power to the market of luxury car for the first time in 2005. Same technology has now advanced to become the key powertrain option for European customers, providing even greater levels of fuel and emissions efficiency, together with an exciting, quiet and better driving experience. The RX also comes with a 300 DIN hp 3.5-liter direct injection V6 petrol engine (RX 350) and a 238 DIN hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit (RX 300) in Lexus’ European markets.

This latest RX Sport Edition will be unveiled from late September, with just one year of availability!

Satvika Kushwaha

Satvika Kushwaha

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