The Mahindra e2o, previously REVA NXR, is an urban electric car hatchback manufactured by Mahindra Reva or Reva Electric Vehicles. The e2o is the successor of the REVAi (or G-Wiz as it was known in the UK) and was developed using REVA’s technology, and has a range of 110 km. Today, Mahindra Electric sells electric vehicles in different segments – the electric CitySmart hatchback e2oPlus, the electric sedan eVerito and electric commercial vehicle eSupro (passenger and cargo).

Electric: Lithium ion battery, 210 Ah capacity, 16 module, 48 cells, 11 kWhr on-board power, 84 kg battery weight, 3 Phase AC Induction Motors, 25 HP power, 70 Nm torque, 1260 kg gross weight, 80 kmph top speed, 110 km driving range, 0-60 kmph in 14.1 seconds

2 Variants: P4, P6

4 Colors: Blue, Red, Silver, White

Price range: Rs. 7.9 lakh to Rs. 8.69 lakh (Ex-showroom, New Delhi)