EV start-up Strom Motors is all set to launch its game-changing all-electric urban
mobility solution. Proudly made in India, Strom-R3 is the first reverse trike vehicle to
receive ARAI certification here.

In the recent past, Strom Motors had received the coveted Spirit of Manufacturing
Award at TiECON Global Summit held in November 2019 at New Delhi. Having
been recognized as one of the top 10 startups by the Government of India in early
2018, and by the Economic Times as #hotstartup2020, Strom Motors garnered the
attention of industry-watchers, too. Strom Motors has had an exciting journey with
constant backing from the automotive industry and start-up eco-system.

Strom team is proud to announce that pre-bookings for the Strom-R3 2X version
(200 km range) are now open. As only a limited number of vehicles will be
produced in the first year, eager customers from Mumbai and Delhi region can
quickly reserve their rides with a small initial deposit of Rs. 10,000. Early customers
will be rewarded with a big bonus: benefits worth over Rs.50,000. This includes
several upgrades like customized color options, a premium audio system and 3
years of free maintenance. Deliveries will begin in the next 12 months. Test drives
and owner orientation sessions will be held prior to vehicle delivery. Customers
can delay or cancel the delivery with a full refund.

Change Commuting for the Better
Strom-R3 is an urban mobility solution which is 100% electric and provides a safe
and air-conditioned comfortable cabin for two. It has been designed and
developed for personal commuting in any modern city around the world. The
three major market segments which will find potential use of this platform are:
1. The daily office commuter who is looking for a quick and safe vehicle around
2. As an additional car in the family for running errands around a 10 km radius.
3. First/last mile shared mobility solution parked at airports and metro stations.

The ’Why’
The inception of Strom-R3 can be traced back to 2016, when our team identified
the potential impact of electric mobility on the environment. Especially in the
context of pollution and congestion in cities. After initial surveys and discussions
with authorities, a few glaring facts surfaced – average occupancy in cities is a
dismal 1.6 and most trips are under 50 kms. A compact, safe, comfortable
personal mobility solution was the need of the hour, instead of big and bulky SUVs
and sedans. In fact, energy analysis of these vehicles show that EV versions of
these automobiles tend to require large batteries, thereby pushing the price to
around Rs.12 lakhs, in some cases, as high as Rs. 25 lakhs with driving range of less
than 150 kms.

Problems Don’t Solve Themselves
The Strom Motors team strives to address these striking issues by redefining urban
mobility and deliver sustainable and emissions-free transportation. Beginning in a
developing EV market in India back in 2016, we have persevered through
logistical challenges associated with nascent supplier base and changing
government policies. Strom’s success also comes from collaborations with
established auto parts suppliers who truly believed in and supported our vision
and endeavors. Despite seemingly impossible obstacles and delays, Strom-R3 is
the first vehicle on a reverse trike platform to pass all government regulations and
receive the homologation certification. All in all, Strom’s team credits the
company culture and innovative thinking for their steadfast pursuit of
revolutionizing the EV market.

• Compact and lightweight personal mobility solution
• Requires much smaller battery pack which can be swappable
• Comfort and safety of a car with high tensile steel body frame
• For every petrol/diesel car Strom replaces, it reduces 3 Tons of carbon every
• Perfect mobility solution for personal or shared mobility for congested cities
• $10M+ pre-order request received for Indian market
• Government of India awarded and picked as #HotStartups2020 by
Economic Times
• Fully connected with ability to track all moving parts
• Advanced load-controlled battery management with 3 patents pending

Storage & Features

Strom-R3 offers a comfortable, air-conditioned cabin, with front and rear storage
areas. The nice, large sunroof makes the driving experience open and enjoyable.
Strom-R3’s reverse trike design ensures that it is as stable as a hatchback. The result
of technical research and sound engineering which pays special attention to
weight distribution. Simply put, most of the car’s weight falls between the two front
wheels, thereby giving it a low center of gravity. Extra stability is provided by front
and rear anti-roll bars, especially in situations which involve a sudden directional
change. Safety concerns, we assure you, have absolutely no basis in fact.

Hi-tech and Future Ready
Strom-R3 is built on a patent-pending advanced vehicle control unit (VCU)
design. This means users can track and control not just the air conditioning and
lights, but also change drive modes, choosing between Eco, Normal and Sports.
Strom-R3 is equipped with a 4G connected diagnostic engine, whereby owners
can track location and status of charge, as well as get a complete health report
of critical components like brake pads, motors and electronics. It speaks to
today’s consumers who have come to expect such features as standard fitments,
instead of pricey upgrades.

EVs can often use up to 20% extra energy while traversing bad roads or in rain
affected conditions. Our on-board system continuously tracks the road terrain
and driver habits. With the help of a machine learning-based navigation engine,
it learns your daily drive routes and offers intelligently predicted real-world range.

This data-rich system also feeds into our citywide database to help fellow Strom-
R3 users with alerts about impending bad roads. Instead of getting hopelessly

stranded, this will allow them to revise their plans accordingly. Some of these
features will be made available directly through the on-board touchscreen
interface or via the Strom Connect App. Intelligent and smart technology, as we
see it, is one which provides users with good insights and actionable inputs.

Real city traffic patterns present some unique challenges. Recognizing these
hidden pain points is critical when looking at new technology development. In
our surveys it became apparent that bumper-to-bumper traffic constitutes most
of the urban driving experience. So, Strom is working on an Automated Vehicle
Following System or AVFS for slow in-traffic situations. It will bring welcome relief.
The ability to remotely motor the car out of a tight parking spot is something else

users should be excited about. All cars coming off the line have the basic drive-
by-wire systems built into them and can be upgraded with driver assist and

autonomy features. The necessary future hardware and software upgrades for
existing owners, is a given.

A Good and Long-lasting Battery
Strom-R3 uses a more widely used industry standard 48V battery pack. This means
that they will require almost no re-work before they can be deployed in other
applications like UPS storage or emergency backup applications. Post their
expected 1,50,000 kms replacement, they will have an extended 5-10 year
additional life. Only then will they have to be recycled.

Vehicle Specifications:

Strom-R3 Fully Electric Air Conditioned
2-Door 2-Seater with Large Sun-Roof
Top Speed
80 Kmph (Electronically Limited)
200 Km
1,00,000 km or 3 Years Warranty (earliest)
Triple Touchscreen with Gesture and Voice Controls
Drive Options
On-Board Charger
Premium Sound, Customizable Colors,
3-year Free Maintenance
Ex-showroom Price
Rs. 4,50,000/-