Currently in the process of development, the Extinction Mk1 by Pravaig Dynamics has the potential of making this start-up a leading electric vehicle home-grown brand in India. In alignment with the growing EV market, the Extinction Mk1 is not just an electric vehicle; it also supports an ambitious futuristic design – usually seen in prototypes of leading brands like Tesla.

Challenging the current status quo of only world renowned brands delving into the electric vehicle category, a relatively new Bangalore-based start-up has introduced its plans of launching an electric vehicle. As the new brand gears up to introduce its first-ever vehicle to the Indian market, we will take a look at how this vehicle this vehicle has evolved from its first prototype and what its production version could look like.

Set to be produced in a limited number, the vehicle has been designed to accommodate the requirements of commercial fleets like corporate bodies etc. Since the Extinction Mk1 is meant to be a vehicle for people to be chauffeured around in, it has been equipped with a number of amenities specifically aiming to provide the same. Complete with an almost flat rear seat recline and glass partition for privacy, the Pravaig vehicle will sell what it promises.

The electric car is set to cruise down Indian roads sometime in 2021, until then automobile fans and especially electric car nerds will be waiting for this launch with bated breaths. The company has moved the Indian car market with its electric vehicle development announcement, but there is one more thing that is just as ambitious as this new car, if not more. The brand seeks to completely change the present view of mobility by offering subscription based vehicles instead of private ownership.

The Extinction is an exponential upgrade of current chauffeur-driven regular cars that circulate around the metropolises of India. Starting with a total of 2,500 cars that will be launched only in Delhi and Bangalore; the vehicles would be available only to big corporate and private bodies. The interior sports a minimalistic yet comfortable design, suited to guests who can rest or get some work done while on the move.

As opposed to its prototype’s two-door model, the production model is set to feature a more practical four-door approach; a small compromise with its futuristic look for increased utility. Consumer safety and an aim of gaining 5-star NCAP rating has led to equipping this car with cameras and Level 1 and Level 2 autonomy. The Eren Group backed company will expand and change transform the growing Indian EV market.

On the outside, the Extinction Mk1 looks like a model from the future with a sleek design and minimal lines. The exterior gives it aerodynamic efficiency and a muscly look to some extent. Its headlamps connected by a thin LED strip give the car an appeal like no other. Performance-wise the car will gain a top speed of 196 km/h and has a driving range of 540 kilometres due to its 96 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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