Maranello / During a brief yet intense shakedown, a unique Ferrari has been seen lapping Fiorano today. The car’s arresting looks are unique guaranteed to strike a chord with the marque’s aficionados while the V12 engine note reverberating around the track may have sounded familiar.

The new Ferrari Omologata is a clear descendent of Ferrari’s great GT tradition spanning seven decades of history with its Rosso Magma finish and sophisticated racing livery,. Commissioned by a discerning European client, the latest offering in Ferrari’s line of unique coachbuilt one-off models is a vibrant evocation of the values that define Ferrari in relation to GT racing: a car that is equally at ease on the road as it is hitting the apex on the track in the hands of a true gentleman driver.

From the initial presentation of sketches, starting with images that covered a variety of inspirations, from racing heritage to sci-fi and references to modern architecture, the Ferrari Omologata project took a little over two years to complete.

To provide potential for a timeless shape that is certain to leave a lasting impression, the idea from the onset was to create a futuristic design with distinctive elements reinterpreted in a fresh manner. Keeping only the windscreen and headlights as existing bodywork elements, the designers unlocked every possible area of freedom from the underlying package of the 812 Superfast to achieve this.

Uplifted by sharp graphics with sparingly distilled surface breaks wherever dictated by aerodynamic functions, the objective was to exploit the proportions of the potent, mid-front layout to deliver a very sleek design defined by smooth volumes and undulating reflections.

The trickiest aspect was striking the ideal balance between expressiveness and restraint: the Omologata had to ooze street presence whilst maintaining a very pure formal language.

Defining a tapering front volume from the flattened oval grille, the designers carefully studied the stance and attitude of the car from all angles. The rounded section over the front wheel arches, emphasized by a contrasting stripe wrapping across the bonnet, seems to naturally extrude from the grille. Rear of the door, the flank develops into a very potent rear muscle that neatly blends upwards into the three-quarter panel.

While three horizontal transversal cuts in the fastback volume visually lower the rear mass, the entire volume is rendered deliberately imposing through the elimination of the rear quarter light. The tail is surmounted by a prominent spoiler which adds not only downforce, but a more aggressive, sporty stance.

Seen from the rear, the deeply set single taillights underline the tension and overall, the car appears to be poised to attack the tarmac even at a standstill.

Kanishka Gupta

Kanishka Gupta

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