It has been the food for tuners and ‘classicists’ for decades: the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.  And, this season, women and men, proud to announce that the well-known Lumma grabs the baking beast, for sure!  Now, we have the exterior with a more powerful front spoiler bumper, and sexy CLR 24 RS alloy 24-inch wheels.

Where many tuners, especially in the motor city, get off with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – in virtually all cases the more advanced AMG version -, Lumma exerts it what else on. It no long-drawn presses, power out of the German terrain beast.  Rather, it only trades with things that influence or affect in a way our seven senses, especially the eyes and ears.

If the Lumma CLR G770 R seems familiar to sound, that is due to the fact that Lumma is now contributing with a tuning program dubbed as Lumma CLR G770.  Nevertheless, the latest program – CLR G770 R – gives more technical and optical innovations than the CLR G770.  So here, we have both the rear and the front parts have been broadly redesigned.

In addition, that, of course, commencing with the appearance of the G-Class, We purposely do not consider the designation of the Mercedes-AMG G63.  This is because that Lumma offers a package that is also relevant to the somewhat more advanced Mercedes-Benz G400d and G350d.  Those who drop their G-Class at Lumma can choose it up a little later with a totally new bumper, both at the rear and front.  The rumors that Lumma equipment is made of plastic and is not fixed to the body, but connected with screws.  If you are bored with it, you can simply remove it yourself.  Lumma estimates simultaneously with the customer and those who want to lose more bucks and want a more dynamic look can also have all those extra body panels of carbon fiber.

Interestingly, Lumma is also producing the two major parts packages to further improve the CLR G770 R program.  They include Sport+ and Performance where The Sport+ part package consists of a spare wheel cover, front grille frame, a bonnet attachment, rear roof spoiler, roof trim with extra headlights, front emblem, and among others.

Moreover, Lumma also has to offer wide alloy footwear, with a great 24-inch in diameter.  It even gives the buyers a suggestion regarding the wheel sizes on the 355 / 25R24 on the rear axle and CLR G770R 295 / 30R24 on the front.  This is the most suitable alternative according to Lumma.

Fortunately, for fans who are into heavy or loud sound, it is not only restricted to optical adjustments.  Lumma has acquired a specific exhaust system for the G63 AMG, which offers the biturbo V8 sound even considerably better than ever.  While those who have a G350d or G400d can only hit on the door for another tailpipe.

Additionally, the company’s roaring sports exhaust system for the G63 emphasizes six tailpipes as well.  They consists of chrome-plated stainless steel tailpipes or three black on a separate side.  Well, talking about the 400d and G350d models, Lumma offers sports exhaust trims with two black colored tailpipes on each front.

Incidentally, Lumma also offers a distinctive design of the G-Class’s interior.  Although, it does not go into much deeper detail.  It does state that ‘the interior can be totally reformed’, from the seats to the cushioning of the whole interior.

Well, anyone who cannot wait to experience all the aforementioned modifications to Lumma must invest at least 12,700 euros (INR 11,10,246).

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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