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A much-underrated city Kolkata is under the wheels of Supercars or we may call it Supercars of Kolkata.  But it’s about the extent that everyone recognizes the amazing rare cars that are in the city, being famous as Supercar club GT, which has a superb collection of around  28 cars including McLaren 570S, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Mercedes-AMG GT-R, BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, A45 AMG and MINI Cooper.  How super cool is that?

Hey, so for those who are unaware of this fantastic drive- Club GT, let us tell you that their main purpose is to induce Supercar die-hard lovers together.  They host numerous events throughout the year and encourage spectators to come and take an imminent glance at the cars to hear them boom on the streets of Kolkata.

What makes this club different is that they drive almost every weekend, no matter how hard the weather is.  The sight of a supercar is something that inspires us and the fact that they are enhancing more prevalent in India provides us a fortune to see one on regularly.  So here, we have a list to discuss on some of the happening cars that the club displays.

McLaren 570S

The two-seat drop-top experiences no loss in the production rods, climbing from zero to 100km/h in the very 3.2 seconds as its fixed-roof 570S sibling.  The British carmaker maintains that there are no differences to basic rigidity over the Coupe, and is one of the excellent automotive styles that most drivers will only ever consider having wherever near close to.  Similarly remarkable is the handling, which is a fast set that is finished with no obstacle at all.  Thus, the 570S creating a path through them with all the fragile balance of track-bred wheels.

Ferrari 458

The one area you can make every gearshift at the 9000-rpm, plus you can beat the excellent brakes on every end, and dig into the bases of the extraordinary grip and handling stability.  With no police and no hidden cameras, it is all about the concern for speed and a loud Italian sound.  The 458 is a noisy beast in some forms, but also a razor-sharp machine for creating niches at 210km/h.

Even so, the heart of the vehicle is identical to the road model, a 4.5-liter V8 (419kW), pinned to a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox – and it still contains air-conditioning so the drivers don’t feel too hot or overheated during extreme summers.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO

The Huracán has received the 631bhp engine that debuted in the impressive but limited Huracán Performante, plus some chassis tweaks to dent the party game up a bit.  However, that is not enough for it.  This four-wheel-drive beast also offers a 602bhp, rear-wheel-drive model, aptly called the Eva RWD.  It is easier, goes without the rear-wheel steering system of its four-wheel-drive, and is meant to advance a more natural driving life experience.

Mercedes-AMG GT-R

Impressive as straight-line speed is, it is a prosperous sports car also needs to be pleasant to drive.  For those who need to cross roots or the countries instantly, it offers a quieter ride at speed.  In addition, the GT’s large wheels produce appreciable amounts of the drone at 70mph; this screens after an hour or so at the wheel.  hence, the most extreme GT R Pro’s manually flexible suspension is substantial but better controlled, so in some respects, it is the most spacious and comfortable car to say.


When you set your right foot on the accelerator, its 335bhp straight six reacts with practically no turbo drag, sloping hard from under the rev range.  It seems much more refreshing than the four-cylinder engines, also, with a soft, free-revving essence.  Most striking of all, however, is its boot capability and its size persists consistently whether the roof is closed or open.

Porsche Boxster

The six-speed manual gearbox is more fun to drive for keener drivers.  Well, the standard brakes are large, including on 20in alloy wheels, so only speculate about the rich carbon-ceramic alternative if you are working to do track dates.  Its steering is amazingly detailed and accurate, with sufficient feedback to proffer the driver loads of courage.

Mercedes-AMG A45

Mercedes A45 AMG S carries into its reasonable hatchback skin.  On the other hand, admittedly, it is 3.9sec 0-62mph, which is how the baby AMG delivers that extent of firepower.  You see, there is not a huge six or eight-cylinder engine to be discovered under the bonnet.  You will appreciate how the turbo shakes up at 2000rpm, and how the power rises in a linear way to the redline.

MINI Cooper

The all-new Cooper Works GP model has a 301-HP turbo-four, which is far more potent than any other engine.  And lastly, the addition that driving enthusiasts will bother most about: A standard transmission is once again provided in the most recent and latest 2021 Mini Convertible and Mini Hardtop models after being shot for the 2020’s model.

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