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It might be a good piece of news for the Lincoln fans, which is Ford’s extravagance car brand that intends to offer at least 18 new hybrid and electric models over the next five years. And,  after spotting Lincoln Navigator in Delhi, it’s had received a pretty good response, a lot of people asking for it and expecting that Ford might do what Toyota did by delivering Lexus to India.

Well, fans are crazy for this new Lincoln Navigator, as this is the biggest, despicable, and most expensive of its kind.  Still sharing the body-on-frame design with the Expedition and F-150 pickup. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator takes the most competent bits from its entire kin and puts them under only one singlehood.

Do you want to go for the Monochromatic Box?  It produces a custom mirror, rear spoiler colorway, bumper, and grille while leaning over 22-inch black wheels.  Your color palette will be limited though: only Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and infinite Black can be merged with a Monochromatic set.

Lincoln’s material essence, detailing, and surface are unique in the segment today.  However, the volume of technology installed in the cabin harmonizes with the amount of luxury.  Chief chairs come with no less than 30 possible changes, allowing even the moody or selective driver to find a relaxed position behind the wheel.  There are warming, cooling, and single-leg massage modes bused into the seats as well.  So relaxed, you see!!

While the brand’s cars are bought in the Asian region such as China and South Korea, hardly would have once anticipated them to possibly land in India.  However, it is well known that Ford has been trying to do the amounts expected from it in the Indian business.  The reason behind (maybe) producing the Lincoln brand to India would be that the expensive piece of vehicle arm would help increase Ford’s brand and spark value here.

We do not have much idea about the case since nothing has come out of the American companies on the matter.  However, given that Toyota delivered and brought in Lexus to take on the authorized Germans, who speaks the Americans cannot hit a bash, eh?

And, While it comes out as more costly than its rivals (Rs 51 lakh for Infiniti QX80, and Rs 56 lakh for Cadillac Escalade), Lincoln Navigator still is celebrated as the best balance between cost and luxury.

Well, It is an extravagant car, now at its fourth iteration, and since the same has been spotted in the capital city very recently.  Thus, it can be an assumption, hinting at the potential launch of the luxury American brand in India very soon.

So get ready to experience the luxurious ride around the Indian streets…

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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