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  • Long-wheelbase Lincoln Black Label Navigator was specially ordered and customized for celebrity car enthusiast Jay Leno
  • The personalization, both exterior and interior, was done to amplify and accentuate the natural attributes of Lincoln Navigator, showing clients the wealth of possibilities customization can bring
  • Customizations were designed by Lincoln Design Studio and completed by Galpin Motors & Auto Sports out of Van Nuys, California

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 30, 2018 – A customized Lincoln Black Label Navigator, specially ordered by Jay Leno, will make its debut and share center stage with the noted car enthusiast at this year’s SEMA show, which runs through Nov. 2.

This long-wheelbase Lincoln Navigator, with its spacious interior and sleek, powerful lines, will be the only vehicle at the Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care show stand. It has been customized by Van Nuys, California-based Galpin Motors & Auto Sports under the direction of the Lincoln Design Studio.

“Lincoln Navigator has an incredibly strong presence,” says Robert Parker, director of marketing, sales and service for The Lincoln Motor Company. “Even after adding personalized touches through the customization process, it remains instantly recognizable as a Lincoln.”

The vehicle features a Chroma Crystal Blue exterior with a Lincoln Black Label Yacht Club theme inside. This traditional theme, one of the most popular selections for Navigator buyers, showcases Coastal Blue Venetian and Blue Bay Alpine leather.

The personalization stays on point with the Lincoln brand, says Lincoln Chief Designer Earl Lucas. Exterior customizations include a two-tone body color repaint, the addition of darker privacy glass with a smoky tint, darker chrome accents and distinctive wheels. Inside, changes include new seating color accents, the wrapping of additional touch points in supple Venetian leather and special backlit sill plates, to name a few.

“Lincoln is always about quiet confidence,” Lucas says. “It’s not about being ostentatious. At Lincoln, we always seduce, never attack. These changes just show possibilities – they simply serve to highlight what’s already there.”

The Navigator can be seen at SEMA booth 10012.

The Navigator isn’t Leno’s first foray into Lincoln ownership. Earlier this year, he bought an unrestored one-owner 1966 Lincoln Continental that he featured on his show.

“As an automotive enthusiast and historian, I’ve been a fan of Lincoln ever since Edsel Ford created the Continental,” Leno says. “Edsel had a reputation for creating iconic and timeless designs.”

The late Edsel Ford, only son of Henry Ford, served as president of Lincoln in 1922.