Truly, it’s actual happening. A supercharged 550-drive, lifted, completely prepared LX-based idea vehicle is being elegantly flung upon your screen. Named the Lexus J201 Concept, it is in addition to the alpha emphasis of the prestigious four-wheel drive Lexus lead. What’s more, raised by the most extreme degree of omotenashi – socially adjusted, expectant, Japanese neighborliness – J201 is a true blue instrument carefully made to empower and grasp the most remarkable of retreats possible.

Devotee Roots – The motivation for the J201 thought is multifaceted. The worldwide accomplice of going romping devotees who revere their Lexus sport-utility vehicles is developing. Similarly as they impact others through their convincing web-based media and end of the week get-togethers, these fans – our visitors – and their energy for investigation and experience have affected us. Through such a focal point of exceptional energy and dependability came the possibility of J201. Its name is fairly “insider-ish” and was picked for that very explanation. It is taken legitimately from the LX 570‘s inner Lexus skeleton and stage code, URJ201, which, to 4×4 junkies around the globe means “The Business”.

In each vehicle Lexus makes, we look to wander past visitors’ desires. Holding fast to this rule, we plan to kill carelessness in the improvement of our versatility devices – an expansive practice we call Always On, for each second we exist, so too improve forms of our products. Thusly, even this adjusted variant of a Lexus keeps up the brand’s human-centered ethos. Perpetual inventiveness and upgrade – reaching out from our Lexus image establishments of omotenashi, and craftsmanship – contact all aspects of our character, including those of the calculated kind.

Experiential Adventurer – Conceived from a way of thinking of cross-utilitarian omotenashi, and collected by overlanding specialists, Expedition Overland, the J201 Concept envisions the classy necessities and requirements of the Experiential Adventurer. Experiential Adventurers esteem their Lexus Flagship’s effectively open ability and invest heavily in its practical looks. They are intensely perceptive of style, articulation, and reflection, yet they are attracted to downplayed optics. Furthermore, inside their social circles, they are the quintessential influencers. At the point when they are capable, Experiential Adventurers seek after reprieve outside, well away from their every day casings. At the point when these reprieves normally advance into withdraws, J201 is the instrument they trust to use in their fashioning of never-ending recollections.

Not your average kit or caboodle – J201’s insightfully curated assortment of upgrades use Lexus’ primary columns – Brave Design, Imaginative Technology, Exhilarating Performance, and Omotenashi – to communicate a zeroed in, yet useful, reformist methods for versatility – asphalt or not.

Rebelle Rally – The Most Fitting Debut – Engaging extreme rivalry and exhausting landscape are all in a convention day’s worth of effort for guarding Rebelle Rally champions, Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley of The X Elles. For 2020, the two Lexus drivers will field J201 during the 10-day ladies’ occasion traversing more than 2000 kilometers of testing geography and atmospheres all through California and Nevada. With only guides, compasses, and roadbooks, Rachelle and Taylor will get J201 through a definitive field test. How’s that for a debut?

Debojyoti Sinha

Debojyoti Sinha

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