After Porsche and LEGO released the new 911 RSR Technic set, Makolski, who is a photographer and automotive enthusiast, came up with a brilliant idea.  Booked a ticket to Dubai and taken shots where he would assume a real 911 RSR to be racing by.  Then, he edited the LEGO Porsche into the landscapes for a truly majestic result.  You can check them out.  Might be this would turn your curiosity to buy your own Porsche 911 RSR LEGO Technic set!

To an untrained eye, a picture is just a picture.  However, for an automotive professional photographer, each photo has some memories to convey in their specific forms and style.  In our digital world, most memories can only be appreciated for a few moments, shake!  And the performance of this Polish artist cum photographer can freeze us and focus on gratitude!

You may remember one of Tomek Makolski’s early works. Like, in 2017, this auspicious photographer took a set of climatic night shots of his hometown of Warsaw and then superimposed the Lego 911 GT3 RS, which seemed the size of a true car, onto the picture.  This concept aroused the sensitivity of the citizens.  The compound of clever photography and expert post-production methods built eye-catching and attractive images that stand out from the more traditional forms in the automotive world of social media.

Makolski is enthusiastic about photography and a keen driver.  He often engages in track pursuits and likes to drive ten hours to experience his favorite mountain swimming.  “As a car enthusiast, I think Porsche is a special brand.  I was born in Poland in 1990.  There are not many cars on our streets.  Therefore, it has always been my dream car.  Because of me, I have a lot of opportunities to drive different car models, and Porsche is undoubtedly my favorite sports car brand.”

The automotive business still has a unique place in the occupied professional schedule involving lifestyle photography, paintings, style, and food.  Moreover, when he is not engaged with Formula 1 teams to even with the major car companies, he is still keen to explore more and more.

When Porsche and LEGO conferred off the new 911 RSR, the talented photographer grabbed the opportunity to try a new art.  He flew to Dubai and captured many areas that can be used to contradict and enhance the force of the RSR, the climactic light, the desert, and the arid landscape, which is far from the surroundings accustomed to the Porsche champion GT racers.

The outcome is a compelling aggregate of motion and static images, including occasional flash fire with unfueled fuel and even the motion blur, which is sufficient to make viewers fall in love with!  However, in the dry dirt and hot black bitumen road, the main highlight of all images is natural light, which makes it challenging Makolski to perfectly replicate.

Today, the 911 RSR is located on the shelf of the suite behind him.  He built the process during the lockdown of the crown epidemic and discovered that the process was remarkably compelling.  “Spent three nights, it was actually a great experience.  I poured myself a glass of wine and then turned on the music.  With so many worries these days, this kind of exercise allows me to focus on one thing.  Very healthy for the brain.”

Well, the art of automotive photography is in itself is a unique and exceptional place to sustain.  It requires skills, knowledge, and many esoteric dreams to be fulfilled.  Therefore, it does for Makolski as well.  Thus, after the second flourishing project, he is confirmed to grasp this road of photography technique, where certainty and fiction assemble almost seamlessly and is currently examining the feasibility of introducing CGI animation to expand the idea further as well.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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