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The top Bull from Italy was the fastest and the most powerful Lamborghini during its reign, and the one in India is rare because only 600 were ever made.

Lamborghinis are rare in India and the Aventador SuperVeloce even rarer and it is no surprise that there is a lone bull of this kind in India. The SV is a limited run version of the V12 monster, and the engineers in Sant’agata Bolognese paid some serious focus on this car in terms of maximising its thunderous effect on tarmac, they gave it more power, cut down on the weight and added a whole lot of carbon fibre elements to increase the downforce. The result? A Nurburgring lap time of 6:59 which is 25 seconds faster than the standard Aventador and also made it one of the fastest cars to do a lap of the legendary track.

The changes are a bit drastic on some ends; the car sits on magnetic pushrod suspension that enables much improved handling, enhanced steering for high speed cornering and stability, chassis and body improvements. Carbon fibre is used for the new front splitter, rear diffuser and the carbon fibre fixed wing, and underbody improvements which make the car quite literally grounded or in numbers a 180% increase in downforce compared to the standard car.

The big 6.5 litre V12 makes more about 50 horsepower more, totaling 740 hp and drives the four wheels via the 7-speed single clutch transmission which popularly has been the only complaint about this car, owners have been known to say that a double-clutch should have been mandatory for this superior version. The dash to a hundred takes 2.8 seconds while the top speed is ‘above’ 350 kmph as stated by Lamborghini. Stopping power is bolstered with the carbon ceramic brakes.

The car as you can see in the photographs is the only Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupe in India, and it is owned by Aman Patnaik of Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The car is in Rosso Bia, or a dark metallic red, while the interiors are black and red Alcantara with contrast stitching. There is ample use of carbon fibre inside too, including the mirrors, side scoops and the door sills. It also has the SV lettering on the sides in black which are an optional extra. The car is truly special as it was the first special edition or performance edition of the Aventador, post that the Aventador S was launched and the SVJ which is currently on sale as the top Lambo.

The Aventador SV is one of only 600 cars made, and its production ended in 2017. The car and mainly its specifications and options have been researched and explained in detail by the Instagram page. This particular car with all its optional extras is well above INR 6 crores, and in 2015 was the most expensive Lamborghini in India.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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