Lumma design individualizes the Land Rover Defender Type L663 to become a muscular off-road athlete, once more reaffirming its position as the top dog inside the league of specific SUV refiners.

Production at the very best technical level, in reference to fantastic workmanship and the greatest substances – this is the first-rate model which the southern German tuning specialists masterfully crafted, dubbed Lumma CLR LD.

Strikingly designed aerodynamic components and matching alloy wheels, high best add-ons and stylish interior fittings are noticed in the entire range.

Lumma makes use of the maximum contemporary production techniques for its sizeable body modifications. Whether or not the front spoiler attachment, rear apron, facet skirts, front grille, bonnet attachment or the wheel arch extensions that widen the automobile by way of forty millimetres at the front and rear – all additives are weight-optimized either with carbon fibre or polyurethane plastic (PUR-RIM).

The Lumma wide body combines sophisticated aerodynamics with a outstanding appearance: large air inlets at the wings make sure that a great waft of sparkling air to the drive unit and also underline the sports activities and dynamic appearance.

An extra roof panel with  included spotlights, on the other hand, emphasizes the off-road individual of this off-street classic.

The distinct Lumma alloy wheels perfectly stay below the brand new, muscular-searching wheel arch extensions. The variety consists of wheel dimensions from 19″ to 23″. Relying on the favored software, the SUV experts equip the Defender with on or off-street tyres.

The aluminium wheels are particularly highlighted by overall performance spacers along with the raised suspension within the off-road version.

As a complement to the existing indoors, Lumma gives a wide variety of individualization alternatives – from a personalized set of ground mats to anodized aluminum pedals proper up to a complete leather-based interior. All system info are manufactured with the best stage of guide precision.

Effective overall performance upgrades and exhaust structures with a sports sound are already being tested. The transport date for the refinement programme, which is also being advanced to healthy the Defender 5.Zero pinnacle version, is spring 2021.

Kanishka Gupta

Kanishka Gupta

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