The scale models from Lamborghini are a way of letting people commemorate their love for the Italian cars at a much cheaper price and may even let you fool others with clever photographs.

The Lamborghini Urus is a beast, in terms of power and looks it surpasses a lot of supercars and every SUV anyday, a true Italian Bull. And for most Automotive photographers, having a Urus to themselves and pose for them is a difficult task, so Kunaal Kelkar aka theautofocus who was supposed to drive the car and photograph it in Italy but was unfortunately kept from it courtesy of the pandemic in 2020 came up with something unique. He got a scale model of the Urus and created brilliant photographs with some rocks and a swimming pool!

The scale model in question is a 1:18 scale unit of the Urus made by LookSmart- an Italian manufacturer of scale models and is an exact replica of the Super SUV. The model is in Yellow or Giallo Auge in Lambos vernacular. Kunaal took the model and placed it on a rock he picked from the garden and some smaller rocks near it, into the pool. Then he carefully placed the Urus on the rock and used his eye for angles to make sure it was placed properly.

The aim was to showcase the Lamborghini on the Amalfi coast, and to execute that Kunaal whipped out his camera and jumped into the pool, using the clear case in which the model arrived and placing the camera inside it. The method produced some very impressive photos, which even with an observing eye an individual would not be able to make out that the Urus is in fact a scale model.

The photographs are truly amazing, and leave no shadow of doubt that Kunaal is a master of his art, the scale model is also made precisely to detail that enables it to pose just as the mighty Urus does. The 305 kmph Urus uses a 4 litre twin turbocharged V8 that makes 641 horsepower and can propel the car to 305 kmph, a record amongst SUVs, and if you do not have the deep coffers needed for the real one as it costs INR 3.5 Crores then the scale model is perfect as a desk ornament, it can be purchased via Automobili Lamborghini’s official website and also comes in a 1:43 configuration. The 1:18 model used here costs $ 748 (INR 54,000).


Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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