Arguably the greatest poster car ever made.

This very special Miura SV rolled off the production line in Sant’Agata in 1972 and was delivered new to the Saudi Royal family who had requested the car was fitted with two aero canards to the front wings of the car, 1 of just 2 cars to have this addition. Being a later car, it also featured the separation of its engine and gearbox oil through the means of a split sump system, 1 of 96 cars to utilise this.

In the early 2000s, the car was found in a large warehouse – reading just 3,800 kms. The car was shipped over to Boblieff Motorcars of California in 2005 where it underwent a no-expense spared nut and bolt restoration, during which the car was painted in a rich Metallic Grey and the interior retrimmed in a stunning orange leather.

Since the restoration, the car has been used sparingly, with the odometer reading just 5759 kms as it sits today, making it one of the lowest original mileage Miura SVs in existence and a true collectors item.

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