Lamborghini collaborates with Japanese designer Yamamoto to create a special Aventador S and a clothing collection all displayed at the Italian brands only Lounge outside of NY, which also offers space for exhibitions.

Italian supercar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini recently inaugurated inaugurated a special lounge in Tokyo and made the Japanese capital only the second city after New York to be home to such a lounge and features a unique ‘ad personam’ studio (individual studio) which is used by customers to customise each and every aspect of their Italian supercars. The Lounge Tokyo is not just a Lamborghini experience portal but can also be used for meetings and events for Lamborghini owners and VIPs.

Lamborghini also teams up with Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and has made the lounge the perfect setting for the exhibition of the collaborated works between the two brands including an Aventador S, which has received special treatment from Yamamoto to turn the car into a sublime exhibition of superior engineering prowess and fashion design.”Our collaboration inspired this outstanding artwork and design for the Aventador S and celebrates Italian craftsmanship connecting with Japanese culture.” said Mitja Borkert, Head of Design for Automobili Lamborghini in a statement. The collection also included three pieces of clothing, a mod coat, bomber jacket and a hoodie.

The Centro Stile- the design team of Lamborghini took the Aventador S and used it as their playing ground for art. The iconic aggressive line of the car, known as the Gandini line named after Marcello Gandini the Bertone designer who was instrumental in the creation of three of Lamborghini’s most iconic cars- The Miura, Countach and the Diablo looks slightly hidden due to the distinctive pattern that is taken directly from the clothes. Yohji Yamamoto also senses the opportunity to work with the company is unparalleled, “With their inimitable design, Lamborghini super sports cars are more instantly recognizable than any other car manufacturer – just one glance is enough”

The Lounge Tokyo provides unparalleled Lamborghini experience, the ground floor serves as the area where keys of new cars are handed over to new customers while the second and third floors are purposefully built to be used for events and meetings and have been constructed in unique Italian style of the brand with the Raging Bull and will also enable public events like art exhibitions which will open the eclectic lounge to the eyes of the public. According to Katie Bassi, communications Automobili Lamborghini, “We created this lounge because we are designers of experience, and we want guests to enjoy the real Italian Lamborghini feeling in this space: a little of Sant’Agata Bolognese soul in the heart of Tokyo,”

The collaboration between Yamamoto is one of a series of many where famous designers have teamed up with car manufacturers to create works of art, the red and black Aventador S follows in the footsteps on BMW M4 x Kith, Aime Leon Dore and Porsche, Virgil Abloh’s G-Wagon among others which result in one of the finest looking cars which have appealed to this generation of fashion lovers.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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