So, finally, it is a stop for all those fans of singer Prem Dhillon, who were extremely waiting for his new song.  He is again back with a song titled “Majha Block” and looking ‘super handsome’ in his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.  Check out both of them!

Prem Naam Hai Mera!  With those, Heart embezzled lyrics in the song and Dabangg music is all set to flow you in its harmony of the flow.  Lately, the official teaser of the forthcoming song Majha Block is released and getting lots of love and admiration from all the Punjabi song lovers.  A new Punjabi song recently took a grand release and seems like fans are already full-on mode dance this wedding season.

The video of the song seems very incredible and even many automotive enthusiasts are getting crazy with the featuring of their favorite Lamborghini Aventador.  As we know, the craze for Punjabi lyrics is getting extremely high among people these days.  Moreover, with the Lamborghini Aventador in the video, it seems like adding cream to a hot chocolate coffee.  In addition, since then, the song is getting appreciation.  Fans are showing their love for the songs and the supercar as well through their delighted comments over the video. There is also an appearance of a real-life Batmobile called the Tumbler shown in Batman movies. Tumbler is also made on the chassis of Aventador, kind of relates the car scene.

And do you want to know why Lamborghini Aventador is crazy among the fans and the Singer Prem Dhillon himself, that he chooses this legendary car for his ride in the song over others?  In some high-performance vehicles, hot exhaust can eject small bluish flashes after unburnt fuel alights in the pipes, but The Aventador’s flash is a bit more complete and at the ultimate level.  Being launched on 28 February 2011 is Praise for all-new V12 power plant on the engine’s responsiveness, and smooth power output.

Irrespective of which nation you belong to, if you have been a car fanatic, Aventador Lamborghini in all expectation was the first car to grace your poster wall as a poster. Naturally, who wouldn’t want to drive such a supercar that seems as pretty as the Goddess of Thunder runs as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog.  However, this goddess does not come at a cheap cost.  You have to lessen your bank accounts in order to acquire them since its Indian prince ranges from Rs. 5.15 crore – Rs. 6.77 crore.

Well, Prem Dhillon is a Punjabi Singer, very popular among youth for its hot releases such as Boot Cut, Patt Tenu, and Old Skool.  All the makers of the show are very appreciative after making the song.

And, if you want to grasp more about his latest song then we will give you every single detail of it.

  • Singer & Lyrics – Prem Dhillon
  • Starring – Roopi Gill
  • Video – Sukh Sanghera
  • Recordist – Opi Music
  • Promotions – Gold Media Entertainment
  • Label – Sidhu Moose Wala

The music of the song “Majha Block” is credited by San B. Lyrics of the ‘Majha Block’ and is written by Prem Dhillon.  To enjoy the video, check the link below-

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