If you’ve been snoozing for a while with the beginning of winters, you may have not notified the fact that there’s a total Kim-Paris reawakening going on in their latest released SKIM versions while flaunting their Rover as well.  And we are here for it!!  Let’s go.

Kim Kardashian West is known to be pretty active on social media platforms.  The actor, who just turned 40, last month, released a refreshed version of her favorite 2000s looks by her SKIMS label.  The actor rose to fame when she was a stylist of Paris Hilton.  It is a well-known fact that in her 20s, she was the best friend and Stylist of Paris and Their friendship took society by storm, with no doubt.

While, in the latest posts shared on her Instagram handle by the Beauty queen Kim Kardashian reciprocate that both have joined hands with a 2000s-inspired Velour collection for SKIMS.  Where in an IGTV video, the bits of getting together in their Range Rover can be seen.  They both are wearing items from their Velour collection and taking a quick sweet moment from their memory lane with clips of how their friendship developed over the years.  Along with sharing the 8.26-minute long IGTV video, the BFF has also announced the release date of SKIMS’ Velour collection.

Ahead of the news, both Kim and Paris took posted numerous shots of their brand-new collection that paid homage to some of their earlier looks.  In the pictures, both looked classic and mesmerizing from the 2000s in their vintage Velour tracksuits while flaunting their Range Rover as well.  For Kardashian, that blend of old and new school is what keeps the clothes interesting.  And she was excited to consolidate the material into SKIMS’s list while perfectly matching it with Range Rover.  Just like the clothes must be comfortable to put on, in a similar way the Range Rover has a go-anywhere capacity with on-road civility and the best quality interior.

Moreover, the mother-of-four is known for owning many luxury vehicles where Rover is one of them.  This could be proved if you are told that the starting price of this car begins within Rs. 2.26 crore to Rs. 4.80 crore.  In addition, that is why the star loves spending such huge amounts the model offers multiple derivatives, which are Vogue SE, Range Rover Fifty, Vogue, Westminster Black, Autobiography, Westminster, and SVAutobiography.  Thus, it not just has a strong and fair styling, but also comes in both a short and long wheelbase. To give it a more Indian-ish feel, you would know that Land Rover which manufactures Range Rover is owned by one of leading Indian brand, Tata Motors.

However, all these rich yet excellent varieties of tech does come at a price.  And not just when a celebrity like Kim or Paris put invest their deposits.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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