Kia has gone from strength to strength since it came onto the European market in the 1990s: It soon shed its reputation as an Asian “budget brand” to become an attractive, high-quality alternative to established premium brands that can make even the German competition quake in its boots. In so doing, the Koreans have penetrated market segments that they would not have given a second thought just a few years ago. Enter the Stinger, a coupé-style luxury sports sedan with 366 hp (originally 370 hp) that has been vying for buyers’ attention over competitors such as the Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and even the Mercedes-Benz CLS since 2017.

With its dynamic design, this large Kia is the perfect candidate for out-of-theordinary tuning projects: This is epitomized perfectly by the specimen shown here, which was conceived by the AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign team from near Aachen in western Germany. Just looking at it, it is not apparent that AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign chose a specimen with a 2.2-liter, 200 hp four-cylinder turbo diesel: thanks to the skirts on the front and back and the LED front headlights, the Stinger now has the same extroverted look as the top model, which is powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine. On top of that, AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign also added an assortment of aerodynamic attachments that further enhance its sporty look: The front spoiler lip and side sills, for example, come from Maxton Design.

The side sills were modified by AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign to make them more in sync with the Stinger project car. The side attachments for the rear skirt came from Ingo Noak Tuning’s product range and, because the Stinger parts market in Germany is relatively small, AMJFahrzeugdesign even imported some components from Korea, including the diffuser insert and the rear spoiler – both manufactured by M&S – as well as the LED rear lighting kit. To round it all off, the Kia logo on the trunk lid was delicately and expertly removed. And after all adjustments were made to the bodywork – now complete with Alubutyl insulation – Signcom joined the team to dress the Kia in a striking designer wrapping with stylized writing and black graphical elements with colorful, shimmering touches of glitter and neon yellow on a pearl-white background. This stunning attire is protected from the elements by a ceramic coating. AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign installed Tomason TN19 rims in the wheel cases. Although these rims measure 8.5×20” all the way round, the tires measure 225/35R20 on the steering axle and even 255/30R20 on the drive axle.

And for perfect horizontal alignment of the wheel/tire combinations under the fenders, spacers were also fitted. And no tuning project would be complete without a bit of chassis-lowering. The specialists at null-bar developed a Bilstein Performance air suspension system with an electronic Air Lift Performance 3P controller for the AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign Kia, so that – at the touch of a button – the driver can choose from ample ground clearance perfect for any driving situation or the more showy asphalt-hugging appearance of a crouched tiger. A real StingAIR! The interior of the Stinger is already nigh-on perfect from the factory. Nevertheless, AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign thought it could be better still, and added extra touches to the cockpit in places that are always within the driver’s “attention zone”: The airbag compartment of the sports steering wheel and the steering column cover were adorned with gray Alcantara. And the car will soon be finished with final flourishes featuring Alcantara and leather.

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