Kia Seltos SUV broke into two pieces in a road accident in Chhindwara on Friday. The speeding car, which was returning from Ramakona, split into two pieces after hitting the culvert. In this accident, three women died on the spot, while the car driver and another woman were injured. The injured have been referred to Nagpur in critical condition. The Rs. 20 lakh Korean SUV snapped in two after this unbelievable accident.

According to the police, Sachin Jaiswal, a resident of Sausar, along with his family had gone to Ramakona to attend the marriage program at the maternal uncle’s place. The phere ceremony was on the evening of June 11. For this, women of the family were coming to Sausar to change clothes in the afternoon. They planned to get ready here, for which there was also a plan to go to beauty parlor. Sachin was driving the white Kia Seltos SUV. While coming to Sausar, a bike rider came in front of their car near Dream Hotel on Nagpur Road. In an attempt to save him, Sachin Jaiswal, who was driving the car, lost control and the car collided with the culvert.

Madhuri and Roshni were Devrani-Jethani in relation

In the accident, Roshni husband Anoop Jaiswal, resident of Chhindwara-Sausar, Madhuri husband Anand Jaiswal and Priya husband Sachin Jaiswal resident of Kalmeshwar-Nagpur died on the spot. At the same time, car driver Sachin Jaiswal and Neelam Jaiswal were injured. Both have been referred to Nagpur Medical Hospital in critical condition. Roshni and Madhuri were Devrani-Jethani among themselves.

According to the information, Neelam and Sachin were sitting in the front seat. Seltos collided with the police in the middle. At the same time, all three women were sitting behind.



4 Responses

  1. Abhiraj says:

    Very horrible crash. Kia needs to work on safety of Seltos. Adding features is not enough

    • VIKAS narayan Aher says:

      korean cars are good for Korea not for Bharat they have speed but no safety

  2. Gazal says:

    It was horrible crashed it splitter in two .
    No safety .
    Front seat two are in hospital
    Back three women couldn’t survive

  3. shalmon says:

    what type of safety is this , no chassis and body strength in seltos , total trash car