Kia Motors! The brainiest among the pool of different SUVs have done something extraordinary. So, in this article, you will get to know the achievements of the brand. Are you ready to have an imaginary ride of Kia with us, if “yes” stay tuned with us.

The bucket list of Kia Motors achievements

So, Kia has again proved its value in the automotive sector. In the NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey, Kia has improved its Overall dealer satisfaction score. Isn’t it great? And also set the record of coming first in 4 out of 9 categories.

The brand stood third in the best manufacturer category, for supporting during the pandemic situation.

As per the latest reports, Kia Motors (UK) Limited has reached the heights of success with the highest score of 9.4 in the recent NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey. Kia has gained the second position among the 31 car manufacturers and missed out on the first position by 0.1 points.

What is the NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey?

As per the information, The NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey is a gathering of data via UK based Car dealers on their current bonding with their respective manufacturers.

The NFDA survey is conducted twice a year; this year, the summer edition of the NFDA survey was set up in July 2020, and some questions were asked from the franchised dealers. The questions were based on the critical business issues that affected the dealer relationship with the manufacturers they were dealing.

The last survey has record 2,590 responses from the 31 dealer network, participated in the analysis.

The Kia landed the top position.

Kia got strong points in comparison to other dealers. And, land to second place with a 9.4 score based on overall manufacturer rating.

Consecutively, Kia has achieved the second position in 2027 and 2020. And, in 2019, Kia has tasted the success by coming first.

List of categories in which Kia topped are:

  • In standards and performance measures, the score was based on whether the manufacturer dealer’s means are fair and how they are reasonable for measuring the business’s performance.
  • Kia won a 9.7 score compared to other manufacturers score of 6.5 in the category of satisfaction for offerings of alternative fuel vehicles.
  • The brand celebrated the massive success by achieving the first position in Return on Investment, Targets, Cost of Manufacturer Training, and Day-to-Day Working Relationship.
  • A new area was added in the latest survey list. That is a dealer satisfaction of manufacturer support as a pillar in the pandemic-prone situation. And, with a strong Q3 and social-distancing approach, Kia rolled up with the third position with a score of 8.9

The Kia Motors(UK) Limited, CEO AND President, Paul Philpott, has commented – “It is really encouraging to see such great results in the NFDA survey as we place a high value on our relationship with our dealer network. I am particularly pleased that despite the challenges of the past few months, we have retained a strong rapport with all of our dealers which resulted in our best-ever sales figures for August.”



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