The senseless death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery including many other countless virtuous men and women has made millions of joined global protests in conferring their supports to them in recent months.  So, one certain way to guarantee one’s safety, yet all hold is on themselves is to just turn up in the latest Kahn Design’s Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ400 protest edition.

The protests remained nonviolent and unifying in some cases, but sometimes, in other incidences, they stayed turbulent and unstable.  In addition, although you may accompany a protest assuming it tranquil, this is not always the situation.  Regardless, Protests, of the purpose behind them, bring all types of people each with distinctive motives.  Therefore, things can immediately turn from an environment of solidarity and hope to one of turmoil and skepticism.

Not to be deceived by the smooth and sleek black silhouette, Afzal Kahn has modified this Jeep Wrangler JL model into a Chelsea Truck Company protest edition.  It is innocuous to say that this edition would not look out of place at a significant protest with London or New York-based nonviolent protestors who command independence and freedom for all at the helm.

This Afzal Kahn’s edition includes an exposed carbon 4 Slot Herringbone grille with a gloss finish and 3D net.  It is engineered and built-in strong magnetic metal, which is thus available with factory mounting points for comprehensive installation.

Designed to adjust in any new Jeep Wrangler with Coated calipers, quad crosshair exhaust system (100 mm tailpipes), combined with LED Diamond brilliant headlights, CTC fuel cap, bonnet vents, hardwearing clay flaps, and the requisite branded rear wheel cover all of the sturdy protest custom to the SUV.

Besides, dedication to cultivating cutting-edge technology that ensures for the blank rear shutter parts and LED bulbs to be also made obtainable in bulletproof glass. In addition, a preferred type of glass, more developed than the sort of glass, depending on the level of stability required, which is used to guard, is also accessible.

This vehicle also contains a special type of ‘Bespoke Touch’  inside which comes with spacious front and rear seats, reupholstered in black modular quilted and perforated skin.  On the other hand, door armrests and a glove box have been completed in the same design to harmonize.  While the Vented foot brakes in stainless steel and mud flaps perfectly complement the package.

Created using state-of-the-art production and technology, Chelsea Truck Company Jeep 1986 alloy wheels are accessible in 9 x 20 with Cooper Discoverer AT/3 tires, fitting in all original center caps.  In addition, customers can easily change the color of the clock according to their preference.

With soft natural surfaces on the edge, easy clean lines, and a useful mechanical center, the Jeep 1986 wheels are compatible with grace and variation. The new edition is available for £49,999.00 (Rs. 48, 308, 91.45) as a complete vehicle.  In addition, its single part, accessories, and other elements are available to buy via the Project Kahn web site.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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