A white 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible that drove JFK, his wife Jackie, and then Texas Governor John Connally to Carswell Air force Base in Fort Worth the morning of November 22, 1963 has been  sympathetically restored by Lincoln professional Baker Restoration of Putnam, Connecticut. Bids of this historical car is set between US$ 300,000 – 500,000 (INR 2.2 crore – 3.7 crore)

A 4-door Ermine White convertible, 430ci V8 engine, constructed November 3, 1963, loaned through Bill Golightly as a reputable car denoted as “Limo One” for JFK and Jackie’s time in Fort Worth, November 21-22, 1963; sympathetically restored by Lincoln professional Baker Restoration of Putnam, Connecticut, with engine replaced, and repainted, pink leather interiors in authentic condition. Addition details available upon request.

Provenance: BIll Golightly; loaned to the USA; returned to Bill Golightly; bought to David Pelham, Dallas, 1964; offered to L. H. Hough, Museum of American Tragedy, 1967; offered from their collection, 1998, to John Reznikoff; sold Camelot: 50 Years After Dallas, RR auction, Boston, October 24, 2013, lot 140.

The final car to hold president John Fitzgerald Kennedy and First lady Jackie Kennedy on the morning of November 22nd, 1963, before the motorcade proceeded to dealey plaza in Dallas.

The President and Jackie Kennedy awakened at Fort Worth in the morning of November 22, 1963,  thanked their hosts for the care they had been provided, and were transported via this trendy white Lincoln Continental that were loaned by way of nearby vehicle dealer Bill Golightly to a breakfast where President spoke to a significant crowd in a mild rain.

Humans had come out in huge numbers to look the President and primary lady, and as they proceeded to Carswell Air Force Base to board Air Force One, they took their time, basking at the warm reception.

Exiting the vehicle, they boarded the ready aircraft for the fateful ride to Dallas where the demise of the President would shock the nation.

A traditionally large vehicle, the Lincoln Continental was the last vehicle to securely ship President Kennedy, before he climbed into the reputable Presidential limousine SS-100-X which would carry him into Dealey Plaza.

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Kanishka Gupta

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