With the brand’s new plug-in hybrid electric technology,   an impressive video with interviews to the athletes of Juventus has been recorded.

The new video shows similarities between the iconic SUV brand and the impressive Juventus team.  The new video shows similarities between the iconic SUV brand and the impressive Juventus team.  Its revelation appears at tonight’s fixture amid the Bianconeri and Crotone,  marking Jeep 4xe logo and stressing prominently on the ‘Black & Whites’ jersey and its plug-in hybrid electric technology.

Jeep and Juventus jubilated their ninth Italian title running just two months ago.  An achievement was highlighted through “Champions in Charge,” which elicit leadership and illustrate the new plug-in hybrid electric technology.  The winning blend of Juventus and Jeep beginning in 2012 remains to ensure bestowed goals of accelerating boundaries and new routes.

Jeep has  proved to deliver 4×4   leadership for nearly 80 years. Electrification is a key feature of the developmental journey at Jeep and expresses a dedication to becoming the leader in technologies for sustainable versatility while keeping the brand’s historic importance of venture, authenticity, spontaneity, and enthusiasm.

Jeep’s 4xe models possess the best execution and driving fun of any Jeep SUV ever.  They are actually capable of “going everywhere and producing anything”.  In addition, the 4xe logo will also follow the Bianconeri in one of the forthcoming international contests cataloged at the end of this month.

The new video observes correspondences drawn between the performance of Jeep 4xe SUVs and the players’ skills and the unique values yielded by the team.  Topics of Bentancur, Kulusevski, Bonucci, McKennie, and Ronaldo have highlighted the iconic nature of the Juventus shirt.  No less interesting are the implications to shots by Ronaldo himself, relinquishing the highest speeds of over 35 km/h. it is as compelling as the performance of the latest Jeep 4xe SUVs, with their ability in a full-electric mode equivalent to the distance crossed by a midfielder in four races.

An impassioned video will also be accessible from tomorrow via the official Jeep social media channels.  It will be highlighting the return of the Renegade and Compass 4xe to the Juventus Stadium after they have achieved a journey on extra-urban roads.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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