Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-1 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-10 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-11 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-12 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-13 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-14 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-15 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-16 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-2 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-3 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-4 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-5 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-6 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-7 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-8 Infiniti-QX50-by-Larte-Design-9

International tuning studio starts a new project: Appearance Package for the middle class premium crossover Infiniti QX50.The concept of the design of the novelty is determined; the layout work and creation has already begun. The presentation of that Infiniti QX50 was held back in November of 2017 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, USA. The crossover turned out completely different from the previous EX model. According to the Laws of Automotive Industry, any model may pass the restyling process only in couple of years after entering the market, and LARTE Design anticipates it in their new Project.

“The Infiniti QX50 is totally different SUV, which is primarily due to the new platform, which allowed to the designers performed the crossover’s exterior in their brand style”, comments Alexey Yanovsky, founder and CEO of LARTE Design. – We accept this challenge, and would like to make the front part of the vehicle more expressive with our special grid. That part has already become a recognizable element and our signature sign. The rear part will be transformed by the diffuser and exhaust system”. Developing of the new Package for Infiniti QX50 is included the customers’ and dealer’s feedbacks and hopes – says Alexey Yanovsky (CEO of LARTE Design). Currently, LARTE team is working on creating a new splitter for the front bumper.