You must absolutely love and be enthusiastic about your job, especially if you need to drive to do it and to act on a thin line between triumph and defeat. Photography is one of these jobs, and Akash Gada is a 24-year-old from Mumbai, prodigy photographer who specializes in automotive photography by following his love for the cars.

Some photographers employ most of their time in their studios. Therefore, it is like, the commodities to be shot come to them, and they make all the modifications in the studio setting. Some, like architectural photographers, do all their shot outside the studio. And,  there is an accumulation of photographers who operate both studio and outdoor tasks together. While automotive photographers are shooting many aspects of the vehicle in the studio, they follow the spirit of the car with outside photos.

So, here we have this the 24-year-old prodigy from Mumbai, Akash Gada, who is sharing his ideas of what keeps motivating him during his job and how he entered this beautiful journey of intensifying automotive art through the lenses of the camera.

In-between ‘motographing’, he graciously answered the questions about his life and struggles in a conversation with Supercar Registry (India). Take it away, Akash!

So how did his love for motography start?

Reading magazines and watching car shows like Overdrive and Fifth Gear, Autocar, where he has seen some of the best automotive content; made him inspired and right there he decided to take this path. So back in 2015, one of his close ones introduced him to the spotting scene of Mumbai, and that is when he began taking photos from a phone camera. Nikon D5300 was the first camera that he owned.   He was even proud to share that he did not take any formal training and was completely self-taught! How talented he might be!

We wonder, How would he define his style and how did he develop that art?

Vibrant, colorful, and moody is what he would call it. It was received and formed over all these years. First, he used to ask professional photographers about their editing form; though few of them refused to answer and few agreed to give their presets. He accepted that he used many presets at the beginning, and then he started changing bits to see the variations. Over these years, he has created more than 50 presets based on photos and mood.

Well, going back ways, Akash got started this journey in 2015. Beginning from a phone camera to a friend’s DSLR and finally to his self-earned DSLR, it was one hell of an adventure trip for him. Thus, he stated that it took him around 4 years to learn the camera and motography. Speaking to owners at car meets events, or walking directly into car showrooms and attending the marketing PR events; help him to build contacts in order to get more assignments.

What lessons he would want to offer for youths who really are passionate about creating a career in motography?

He advises that in photography Shooting & editing are more prominent than the other is. If you were shooting in the right provisions and with the proper gear, then less effort would be needed in editing. However, if it is vice versa, you require concentrating more on the editing part.

He thinks that along with setup, everything should be evaluated. If you are working for a prominent client, you will need some expert quality gear and a better laptop for post-processing to produce high-quality content.

According to him, it is not at all “easy and captivating” like some people consider.  It is the reverse way in fact. People only used to perceive what the photographers show them. Thus, it takes an investment of a lot of work and time to create new content. Otherwise, it is hard for him to recall his most memorable shoot. Nevertheless, to say one, he would like to name his recent one, where he shot Nishant Saboo’s Huracan in Mumbai.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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