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Under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the Government of India and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the very first India-Russia Webinar on the use of natural gas as motor fuel was held.

Tarun Kapoor, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, declared that in the presence of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, that the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation for cooperation on the use of Natural Gas for Transport had been signed.

He also stated that the introduction of this MoU would aid in joint attempts to collectively benefit from the use of natural gas as an environmentally sustainable motor fuel. He looked forward to sharing perspectives from both sides about how to stimulate the penetration of natural gas as a motor fuel in both the nations.

In his speech H.E. Anton Inyutsyn, the Russian Deputy Minister, stated that he was confident that the sharing of information in this webinar would be useful for both nations, contributing to joint efforts and shared investments.

The welcoming address was given by D B Venkatesh Varma, India’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation. He emphasised the significance of continuous cooperation with historic satisfaction and goodwill between the two countries. He told that the Indian Embassy in Russia will provide all necessary help to make this relationship more robust in the energy sector.

The webinar featured two technical sessions on LNG as Transport Fuel and CNG as Transport Fuel, which addressed Indian and Russian viewpoints and saw the participation of both Indian and Russian dignitaries, speakers and attendees.

Via their presentations on CNG and LNG use, policies and future opportunities in the Indian markets, speakers from KPMG India and PWC India set the initial theme for the webinar. In addition, there were presentations from Russia by Rostec, the Kamaz Group and the Natural Gas Vehicles Association on the possibility of a collaboration for the manufacture of CNG and LNG equipment for the transport sector.

The growth potential of LNG and CNG as a transport fuel was outlined during the webinar by Indian speakers. It was noted that, because of its low carbon emissions, LNG is being marketed as a transport fuel. By 2030, India will potentially have 120,000 LNG cars. By then, 1.2-3 MMTPA LNG demand is expected to be accounted for by road transport, which is projected to increase to 4.5 MMTPA by 2035.

The extension of the distribution network of City Gas is the backbone of CNG development. The reach of CGD is now being extended to over 400 districts in 27 states and Union Territories. The CNG sector in India has tremendous growth opportunity with an estimated investment of USD 3-4 billion in CNG equipment, USD 50-60 billion in CNG vehicles and USD 1-1.5 billion in service markets by 2030.

The Russian spokesman from Rostec, which owns a large share of Russia’s industrial properties, talked at depth about the technical and equipment aspects of the production of LNG and the Speaker supply chain. Kamaz offered a detailed description of the different LNG vehicles planned and ready for use in the Indian market by the Company.

The huge scope for natural gas in the automotive sector, both in Russia and India, and the need for corporations of both countries to raise the share of natural gas as a motor fuel, were eloquently represented by the speaker of the Natural Gas Vehicles Association.

Speakers from Indian firms, namely GAIL (India) Limited and Indian Oil Corporation Limited, also discussed their experience with CNG and LNG as transport fuel in India. It is expected that the webinar will serve as a catalyst for practical initiatives to be taken to start projects on a pilot basis in each other’s countries and ultimately to scale it up to national levels and mutual investments.

Satvika Kushwaha

Satvika Kushwaha

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