Suzuki has yet again exceeded expectations with its introduction of the highly stylized and nifty – the new Swace. A launch that has taken the Estate car bazaar by storm with its agile body, upgraded riding comfort, and a cutting edge hybrid performance. The Estate car is the second automobile to come out of the two-way occupational arrangement between the giants Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corporation. It has been set to be first sold during this winter in Europe and UK specifications are yet to be publicised by the company. Built on 12th generation Toyota Corolla wagon, the new Swace was much coveted even before its official launch, and it is all thanks to its exceedingly advanced features as compared to other vehicles in the same class.

From physical appearance alone, the Swace looks every bit athletic and vibrant as the company claimed it would be. The designers deserve much praise for its bodywork, tailoring it with a low centre of gravity, extended posture and strong backward flowing body lines which perfectly pair with its energetic and athletic frontal appeal. The exterior is not the only good thing about this car; the interior is just as impressive. It hosts an open and spacious layout so that every passenger gets ample space to ride and relax with, along with a massive luggage volume fit for all needs and baggage sizes. In addition to its outer and interior charm, this Estate car comes equipped with an intricate hybrid structure which ideally distributes power between the engine and motor while simultaneously sustaining low fuel usage and carbon dioxide release.

The Swace is an eye catching vehicle because of its dynamic and athletic exterior design. Its unique physical appearance along with its low centre of gravity provide for an overall muscular aesthetic further accentuating its inimitable façade. Its high luggage capacity is increased with its integrated roof rails and its environment friendly design is visible in its rear door which is fabricated with lightweight resin. One can choose a favourite colour according to their taste from the seven different hues this vehicle is available in- White Pearl Crystal Shine, Super White, Precious Silver, Black Mica, Dark Blue Mica, Phantom Brown Metallic and Oxide Bronze Metallic.

This sporty Estate car is all about functionality, keeping this in mind the manufacturers have come up with a simple yet effective design that allows the widest possible comfort for its occupants. It has a lavish tandem distance of 928 mm and a huge legroom by industry standards. In contribution to its comfort factor, an 8 inch multimedia audio system with AM/FM/DAB radio, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls have also been added to it. Front seat heaters and an S-flow air conditioner are further supplementary to the comfortable ambience inside this car. The designers were extremely liberal when creating the car and this is apparent with its 596 litre capacity luggage compartment which can hold everything of convenience to the passengers and drivers. Suzuki has left no stone unturned in creating a pioneering Estate car- the Swace, an apex combination of sport and comfort.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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