The inaugural partnership between Hyundai Motor Corporation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is aimed at distributing sustainability messages to the people around the world and translating their innovative proposals for sustainability into concrete initiatives.

Under the deal, for the first time, Hyundai Motor and UNDP will work together to create a global project, named ‘for Tomorrow’, to help drive momentum towards the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. In 2015, the United Nations adopted the SDGs as a universal call for action to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that stability and prosperity are shared by all the people by 2030.

This collaboration would allow Hyundai Motor and the UNDP to crowd-source public innovations and help introduce these solutions, a much-needed contribution to the increasing environmental and socio-economic challenges that the world is facing.

A signing ceremony was held online between Hyundai Motor Group Executive Vice Chairman Euisun Chung and UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner to mark the launch of the project in safety in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which they explored the future of their relationship and global cooperation for sustainability. Director, activist, and social impact advocate Jessica Alba, who officially supports ‘for Tomorrow,’ and British journalist Lucy Siegle, who moderated the dialogue, were also present.

“It is inspiring to witness the United Nations and Hyundai come together to collaborate on an initiative like this. We have all spent the better part of the year facing challenges we never thought we would, and through that it’s become clear that working together is our only way forward to create a better, more sustainable and more humane world for today and tomorrow.” said Jessica Alba.

Chung and Steiner revealed a glimpse of the ‘for Tomorrow’ initiative at the signing ceremony, a focus point for the interactive and transparent innovation forum where people can exchange ideas to be amplified and scaled up. To promote the initiative, Hyundai Motor and UNDP have unveiled dedicated Instagram channels.

Chung of Hyundai Motor Group said, “The for Tomorrow project we are launching today with UNDP aims to offer concrete solutions to many of our problems today.” He further added, “Through this project, Hyundai Motor Company will help mobilize the power of cooperation and innovation to engineer sustainable progress for humanity.”

Under the theme and slogan ‘Make Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable’ this year, plans will be approved ‘for Tomorrow’ from October 2020 to April 2021, in time for Earth Day on April 22, with project development in the months that follow.

Steiner said, “UNDP is committed to supporting the incredible power of local innovators to change the world for the better – for not only today, but also for tomorrow and into the future.” He further added, “With the launch of this platform in partnership with Hyundai, we want to explore new ways of connecting these pioneering minds together – and help them unleash their full potential to build a greener, more resilient, more inclusive and more sustainable future.”

With the assistance of the UNDP Accelerator Labs, a global network of 60 laboratories that harness local technologies to generate actionable ideas and re-imagine sustainable growth for the 21st century to solve global problems such as climate change and socio-economic injustice, Hyundai Motor and UNDP will promote strategies presented on the forum by developing, exchanging and building on them.

Through ‘for Tomorrow’, Hyundai Motor will express its dedication to sustainable mobility and lifestyles through its goal of facilitating “Progress for Humanity.” Through ‘for Tomorrow’ and subsequent sustainability programs, the company aims to move ahead from simply “doing well” to “doing nice,” engaging the millennial and Z generations’ environmentally aware and devoted urban innovators.

Satvika Kushwaha

Satvika Kushwaha

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