Hyundai Motor Company has showcased its future of transforming into a electrified mobility solution company, the brand showcased its RM20e Electric Sports car, Elantra N TCR and Prophecy EV along with the launch of the new Tucson and  Elantra in China. The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has been used by Hyundai to announce the way the company is going to lead forward.

RM20e is the company’s first high-performance electric sports car, making the use of Hyundai’s tried and tested electric powertrain. Hyundai started a project in 2012 named Racing Midship, to develop and connect newer high-performance technologies for the N model lineup. RM models have been the R&D destination of Hyundai’s new high-performance technologies in recent years, using them as the test bed for further improvement and implementation into N models.

Hyundai’s goal for electrification was presented by Albert Biermann, President and head of R&D at Hyundai,”To achieve the goal of clean mobility, Hyundai has secured the capacity to develop all types of eco-friendly vehicles, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles using Hyundai’s own technologies.” he said in his Keynote.

The Prophecy EV concept was also featured at the auto show, a first step for the automaker towards an electrified future. The IONIQ EV lineup is also being promoted by Hyundai, which is a key part of the company’s ‘Strategy 2025’ electrification plan. Hyundai has been working towards improvements in the technology used in clean mobility solutions, Prophecy is a car that symbolises the company’s heading with the design in the coming years while the RM20e is a signal of the possibilities of changes in the high-performance N brand. The company wants a EV hold in China, the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles.

Hyundai also launched the Elantra N Touring Car Racing edition which is set to be featured in competitions next year. The Elantra N TCR is the third attempt from Hyundai which is set to compete with the best the world’s automakers have to offer at championships with Hyundai’s Veloster N TCR and i30 N TCR already having set victories in their respective runs. The company also launched their online sales platform, E2E in China to provide customers with the best countrywide pricing and a safer and convenient approach to buying vehicles and accessories from Hyundai.

Hydrogen Fuel technology is also portrayed by the company, with the main focus being the issue of worsening air quality in China, being the leading company to manufacture Fuel cell based Electric vehicles in large numbers. The Nexo SUV and Xcient FC truck have been released in certain markets with Hyundai looking to expand its production capacity for fuel cell based propulsion vehicles. Hyundai is expected to use the Chinese government’s ‘New Energy Vehicle Policy’, to market these vehicles next year.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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