Hyundai Motor Group announced the establishment of New Horizons Studio, the company’s epicenter for rising Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs) which would be capable of accompanying in hither to undetected and un-experienced types of transportation.  With the main emphasis on having Sport Utility Vehicles and other cars which can pass through parts of the world where no other vehicle has succeeded to the extent thus far, the studio has been aimed to impulse the limitations of what agility has on offer currently.

Hyundai examines that the New Horizons Studio will achieve the need of those customers who may have to travel in eccentric and/or off-road terrains.  This consists of rare places where vehicles may have never be driven.  This is done in order to re-imagine how vehicles might traverse the system.

Run by Vice President Dr John Suh, New Horizons Studio faiths at putting HMG at a leadership position in the race for pioneering technology and the latest vehicles.  He assisted as founding director of Hyundai Ventures, and then, led Hyundai CRADLE (Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experiences) as its founding director based in Silicon Valley.  He permits over 35 years of proficiency in the automotive and developing technology sectors, together with roles at Stanford University, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC; formerly, Xerox PARC), and General Motors Company.

“We aim to create the world’s first transformer-class vehicle, also known as the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, says Dr Suh.

The opening product at New Horizons Studio is the Hyundai Elevate, which was earlier, unveiled at CES 2019 as a concept.  The concept highlighted how a vehicle may not completely require hinging on wheels and, for example, even have robotic legs to access stimulating localities.

Elevate and other vehicles by New Horizons Studio are anticipated to redefine vehicular mobility while using an amalgamation of robotics and wheeled locomotion equipment.

Likewise, the New Horizons Studio is joined by Dr Ernestine Fu, who became the groups as Director of Product Management.  She has managed in the research on the human operator and independent vehicle interfaces at Stanford University’s Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab, as well as ascended evolving technology corporations for over nine years as a project capital partner at Alsop Louie Partners.

Siddhika Prajapati

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